[Mailbag] Healthy Food… Airlines… and a Few Good Books

Our mailbag is overflowing with questions about books, food and the FAA. Our answers will make men smarter, stronger and richer.

Want Some Disease With Your Meat?

America’s “meat machine” is getting rustier by the day. Washington’s lack of a quick response to the scandal in Brazil is a disgusting example of the problems with our food.

Research Confirms: These Are the Best Times to Buy Stocks

If you’ve ever wondered when to buy stocks, we have good news... Research has given us a precise time window for entering trades that yield the best possible outcome.

Why Men Like Trump Don’t Apologize (And You Shouldn’t Either)

The president is often criticized for not admitting guilt. But there’s actually a good reason why men like Donald Trump don’t apologize (and why you shouldn’t either)...

The Perfect Drink?

This fascinating drink cuts inflammation, quenches your thirst, restores muscle and offers an energy boost that rivals coffee’s...

The True History of July 4th (and Why It’s So Important)

If ever there were a holiday built for Manward, this is it. But do you know the true history of July 4th and what it means for our personal liberty?

Mailbag: Plunging Testosterone Levels, “Manning Up” and the Value of Hard Work

Today we tackle your questions on plunging testosterone levels, the real value of hard work and why one female reader says we need to “man up”...

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