This Chart Shows the Only Place the Fed’s Money Can Go

The more the Fed spends, the higher stocks will go. While the meddling in our economy is good for now... it will be hell down the road.

Playing Big Gov’s Game to Defend Liberty

We bow... We appease... We go along. And then we don't have freedom or America anymore.

Mailbag: Hock Your iPhone and Buy Gold

Is our country really going broke... or are our priorities just all wrong?

Two Clear Signals the Housing Crisis Could Destroy America

In 2008, a housing crisis brought down the economy. In 2020, it could bring down capitalism.

Gold Says We’ve Got Problems the Fed Can’t Fix

Gold’s having a great year... and it’s proof that another stimulus isn’t going to fix what ails us.

How to Get Better at What You Do Best

The greatest challenge to mastering a skill is the desire to be a master before you become one. Here’s what you need to do to face any obstacle.

What We Eat Is a Failure of Economics

It’s the best marketing strategy imaginable. Keep 'em craving. And it’s why Americans aren’t satisfied.

Follow This Simple Rule Anytime You Invest

Find the right stocks and you’ll make good money. But understand this simple idea and your odds of getting rich instantly go up.

Want to Get Rich? Buy Every Time You Hear These Six Words

How do you tell whether a business is a good one? Keep these six words in mind. The next time you say them... take action.

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