The Best Options for Yield-Hungry Investors

What’s happening in the stock market is far from natural. Prices are supposed to rise on good news... and fall on bad news. Clearly that’s not happening...

Desperately Seeking Returns: The Yield Crisis Expands

GE’s pension cut reveals a scary truth... Companies are desperate for returns. And they’re getting addicted to higher-risk assets.

The Insanity and Hypocrisy in the Vaping Crisis

Watching the government and politicians contort themselves over a proper response to the vaping crisis is truly entertaining and educational.

If You Think That Banks Were Too Big to Fail… Check This Out

If you think that banks were too big to fail... wait until you see the lengths politicians are willing to go to save the retirements of their best voters.

My Beef With the Media This Week Is All About Your Health

All the major news outlets have been telling everyone within earshot that we can eat as much red meat and processed meat as we want.

Mailbag: Our Most Important Connections… and More on Mushrooms

We’re very excited to see so many readers opening their eyes to natural cures.

Money Isn’t the Secret to Happiness

It’s as cliché as they come, but it’s true: Money doesn’t buy happiness. It offers you something much more important than that.

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