How to Create a Portfolio That’s Built to Last

Mark Ford’s portfolio reflects his strongest belief about building wealth: That to have the best results, you have to go beyond stocks and bonds. Here’s what he does...

The Immense Profit Opportunity 99% of Investors Overlook

Trading volume is soaring like we’ve never seen before. There is immense profit opportunity for the folks who know how to interpret it and take advantage of it.

The No. 1 Question We’re Asked About Bitcoin

“The advantage of crypto over sovereign currency is solely to aid in the disempowerment of the United States and the rule of law.”

What I Told Prince Charles About Sustainable Farming

Last week Joel had the distinct privilege of joining a dozen others for a virtual roundtable with His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales...

Taxes Are Going Up… Here’s What to Do About It

Your taxes are going to go up. There’s no way around it. That means if you like the life you have and don’t want to go backward financially... you have two choices.

11 Ways the COVID-19 Lockdown Will Change the World

Mark Ford shares 11 ways that the lockdown will change the world - both the good and the bad.

Mailbag: A Grim Picture of the Coming Devastation

The COVID crisis combined with years of half-cocked financial management have forced cities and states into a dire situation.

Scary New Facts About the Nation’s Housing Mess

Our nation’s housing situation is a mess. It’s another dire tale of government intervention gone wrong.

Stocks Are the Only Lifeline Left as Devastation Comes

What if buying into a soaring stock market were the only way to survive our country’s fiscal mess? Well... it is.

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