A Simple Way to Boost Your Gains by 20%

We thought kids were supposed to go to college to get smarter. That certainly doesn’t appear to be the case

[Mailbag] Troubles With the Opposite Sex

Here are a few questions we think can change your life for the good. When you call 911, what do

The Trouble With America’s Latest Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Money causes a man to do funny things. The worst crime though is when he tries to pull a buck from another man’s pocket.

The Real Reason America Is So Divided

Our interpretation of Ben Franklin’s ninth virtue - moderation - is much different from the typical deciphering of this mandate.

A Happy Marriage Starts With This

Research shows the key to a long, happy marriage is actually quite simple. But it’s a little counterintuitive...

The Next Big Crisis in America Is Unfolding

We went for a bit of a stroll last night. It’s what we do most nights this time of year.

[Mailbag] Fake News? Here’s the Real Problem

Reader J.H. suggests it’s time to drop the term “fake news.” We don’t disagree. But our reasoning differs just a bit...

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