How Will Your Stocks “Measure Up” This Season?

It’s earnings season. Around our place that means a couple of things... a couple of very different things.

Some Good (and Profitable) News From the Death of Cash

The death of cash isn’t all bad. We’re making some good money off the deal.

What Our Culture Needs to Thrive

None of us can live with everything in our lives unstable. In short, we can handle only so much chaos.

A New Ban on Bitcoin… Could Stocks Be Next?

Something funny is going on in the world of cryptocurrencies. And the hypocrisy is rich.

Why Profiting From Your Passion May Be a Big Mistake

If you’re thinking about turning your passion into your job, you might want to consider this one detail first.

There’s Nothing Natural About America’s Money

The lunacy continues... and it’s your money that’s at risk.

Mailbag: The Future of America… as Seen From the Emergency Room

A trip to the emergency room tells us a lot about the future of America...

The Two Things That Can Solve Our Biggest Problems

The easiest thing in the world is to assume we can just rock along with the way things are and all will be well. But that won’t solve anything.

This Retirement Number Should Make You Sick

Nobody should be broke in a nation filled with such robust saving and investing options. But they are. And it isn’t a problem the government will solve.

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