Gratitude Is Good for the Body and Soul

In light of yesterday’s holiday, I’d like to have you do something. It’s a simple exercise, but the benefits are far-reaching and can have a lifelong impact.

Helping Those Who Need It the Most

This little passion project of ours would be nothing without Julia Guth. That’s why when she recently asked for some help, I did not hesitate. Keep reading for her urgent message.

Four Ways to Avoid a Family Fight on Thanksgiving

The turkey’s been served, and Uncle Joe is looking for an argument. Here’s how to avoid a family fight without sacrificing your own beliefs...

What a Polluted Stream Means for Liberty

Nobody wants to live next to a stream full of poop. But fighting for water quality pits individual rights against shared interests... and the answer isn’t obvious.

The Old Way of Doing Things Will Make Us All Broke

If you’re perplexed by the stock market, the economy or how Washington has reacted to it... please read on. We’ve got some interesting data to share.

The Mineral You Need to Fight Cold and Flu Season

There’s an often overlooked essential mineral that’s critical in the battle to stay healthy during the cold winter months... especially as we get older.

Mailbag: Our First Campaign Flip-Flop

We’re doing something dumb. It will certainly cost us a vote or two. But it must be done.

Target-Date Funds Are a Recipe for Mediocrity

You know something that would be no fun... retiring broke. What would be even worse is thinking you’re doing all the right stuff... and still retiring broke.

Want More Liberty? It Starts With What You Eat

Eating highly processed food, with unpronounceable items on the label, is self-imposed slavery to a system.

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