Coercion Is Not Freedom

It's one thing for a society, and even politicians, to strongly suggest an action or encourage societal behavior in a certain direction. But making it a law is another...

A Buying Clue From the World’s Richest Man

Want to know the perfect time to jump back into the market? A quick lesson from the world’s richest man tells an astonishing tale.

A Reward for the Unprepared

A $2 trillion “stimulus” package was passed into law last week. And the nation cheered. But we say we should all hang our heads and weep.

Part 2: What I’m Doing (and Not Doing) to Safeguard My Wealth

During this scary time, there are measures you can take to protect yourself and your wealth.

Part 1: What I’m Doing (and Not Doing) to Safeguard My Wealth

It’s a scary time. The coronavirus is scary. Being in the stock market

Mailbag: Don’t Put the Wind Vane on the Barn Yet

We opened our mailbag to some scary notes this week. And if there’s one person asking, we know there are thousands more afraid to raise their hands.

Why This Crisis Will Never End

Like a scar across the cheek from a blow we never saw coming, the effects of the coronavirus will last forever. We need to open our minds to this reality.

Five Coronavirus Trends That Could Change Society for Good

The coronavirus is rapidly changing the way we live. New trends are already beginning to develop... and they could change society permanently.

Take These Four Vital Steps When Disaster Strikes

Life dishes out disasters, big and small. But we can take the necessary steps to react to them in a positive way.

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