Mailbag: We Are What We Eat

As we dig into the Manward mailbag this week, it’s clear there’s a popular topic on the minds of our faithful readers. Food... and what’s in it.

Gold’s Day Will Come Again… Soon

Our lust for gold seems to be locked into our DNA - like some hard-coded yearning for a monetary metric. But what has our full attention today is the way gold can wreak hell on those in power.

The Newest Dangers in America’s Food System (Part 2)

Most people have no idea the organic labels they’re buying are coming straight out of a giant factory. That means the idyllic idea of organic food is anything but. Fortunately, we have a simple fix.

The Newest Dangers in America’s Food System (Part 1)

What we eat today has more to do with marketing than science or our good health. I’ll prove it. You’ll never look at dinner the same way again.

Get Paid to Get Your Hands Dirty With “Poor Man’s Gold”

Gold is a shiny helmet worn when disaster strikes. But you can’t eat gold if there’s a true disaster. We have a better solution...

A Valuable Lesson From a Forgotten Man

As we continue our weekly series on polymaths, we’re eager to introduce you to a man we bet you’ve never heard of. We wonder if there’s anybody alive today who will have such a profound effect on tomorrow.

Come to the Light: The Life-Changing Diagnosis That Changed How I Practice Medicine

Founder’s Note: Our passion project has blown up faster than we ever could’ve

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