Washington’s Plans to Confiscate Savings

We picked up The New York Times last week and saw a glorious headline... the fruition of an idea we first wrote about nearly a decade ago.

This Bathroom Habit Is a Killer… for Your Blood Pressure

There’s one toiletry in your bathroom that could be robbing you of your health. You likely used it at least once today...

The No. 1 Way to Make Money by 4 p.m. Today

If you’re investing the way you used to, you’re in trouble. Here’s the secret to making money in today’s market.

The Steep Price of “Safe” Schools

If parents knew what is happening inside our schools, they may think again about putting lil’ Johnnie on the bus tomorrow morning.

A Level Playing Field Kills Food Innovation and Choice

What’s the secret to innovation and creativity? As Joel Salatin shows, it’s about allowing exceptions to the rule...

Fall Is Near… Time to Master This German Trick

We spent much of the weekend working on a skill every man must master. Want to build a good fire? you need good firewood...

Feel Stronger and Healthier With a Third of the Effort

As we age, there’s a simple, little-known trick we can steal from the bodybuilding community to make sure our muscles stay strong enough to support us.

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