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By thinking differently… you can get rich.

It doesn’t need to be hard.

The problem is, the way most people go about building wealth is well, insane. The majority never get there. 

It isn’t because Wall Street is “rigged.” It’s not. 

And it isn’t because there aren’t plentiful opportunities in the stock market. There are. 

The reality is… there’s never been a better, cheaper or easier time to trade stocks. 

So why do so many investors still struggle? 

It’s because they still follow the same old-school models – models that were invented decades before instruments like options, ETFs, SPACs or crypto even existed.

Models that haven’t worked in more than a decade.

It’s no way to get rich. In fact these days, taking the “traditional” path is more like a surefire way to lose money. 

There’s a better way 

The Manward way.

Founded in 2016, Manward Press is an independent publisher unlike any other. 

Our renowned team thinks BIG about money: What it means for your freedom how it can change your life and the best ways to make LOTS more of it. 

We should know. Our contributors have decades of professional trading experience. Between them, they’ve written more than a dozen best-selling books… been name top investors… secured billion-dollar deals… met with royalty… launched hugely successful businesses… testified in Washington… and shown folks all over the world how to achieve their dreams.

And we’re only getting started.

Our “insanityfree” approach to wealth building has earned us awards, created a huge following and, across  our publications and services, led to some truly outsized returns. 

A few recent highlights include 

  • 325% on Gilead Sciences in 69 days 
  • 298% on Caesars Entertainment in 63 days 
  • 109% on Oshkosh in 34 days 
  • 238% on Fabrinet in 91 days 
  • 272% on Renewable Energy Group in just 11 days. 

Manward Press offers a variety of publications for investors and traders of all stripes – from novice to pro. Each is backed by a no-nonsense guarantee and has a single mission… to make our subscribers as much money as possible.

Many readers write to tell us their first trade paid for their subscription, like…

Honest, understandable financial information. Worth every cent of the price. I made back my subscription costs in first trade and then some. Highly recommend! – Elaine S.

When you become a subscriber, you’ll get big ideas and trading tips from a roster of successful, contrarian investors… with some of the best track records on the planet. (To learn more about all that’s available to you when you join Manward, click here.)

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Manward founder and award-winning investment expert Andy Snyder

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Bestselling author, capitalist and libertarian icon Joel Salatin

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Trading sensation and advisor to royalty
Alpesh Patel

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Our experts are charged with just one task: Making you a smarter, better investor. Just take it from some of our happy subscribers… 

I’ve been on board from day one and have enjoyed the ride with you. Keep up your Manward message. It’s a pure winner! – Vernon G.

Man, I love Manward Financial Digest! I truly can’t get enough! – John D.

Thanks for what you are doing with Manward… I found you two years ago and was hooked almost immediately. – Douglas F.

If you’re tired of mainstream money ideas… sick of mediocre returns… and ready to take your trading to the next level… then it’s time to join us.

I think you’ll be very glad you did.


Alex Moschina
Associate Publisher, Manward Press

Our Trailblazing Investment Philosophy (MAP Theory)

If you’ve ever picked up a book on investing, you know much of the money management world follows a model known as “modern portfolio theory.”

It’s the idea that if we put a mix of stocks together, measure their correlations and adjust our position sizes based on those figures, we can optimize our portfolio’s returns and reduce our risk.

Its debut revolutionized the world of money. In fact, it won a Nobel Prize.

Then again, so did António Moniz… the man behind the frontal lobotomy.

The problem with modern portfolio theory is that it’s about as modern these days as a black-and-white TV. After all, the first color TV debuted in 1953 – one year after modern portfolio theory was first published.

It doesn’t take into account modern inventions like stock options… ETFs… cryptocurrencies… quantitative easing… near-zero interest rates… runaway government debt… or, perhaps the biggest disrupter of all, the internet.

The bottom line is… things have changed over the last 70 years. Our modern markets look a whole lot different than they did in the 1950s. That means our investing models must look different.

And that’s precisely where our “modern asset portfolio” theory – or MAP theory – comes in.

It’s a smarter way to invest. Because with MAP theory, we aren’t focused on how the markets worked more than half a century ago. We’re focused instead on a truly modern market… with an investing model based on what’s happening right now.