What Subscribers Say About Manward

“Sound financial advice and proven performance.”

- R. L.

“Invested in several of Andy’s recommendations and they virtually all turned out profitable.”

- Robert L.

“Andy comes across as a no-nonsense, gifted and seasoned financial pro. He is refreshing and down-to-earth.”

- Jim S.

“It’s a different kind of financial knowledge. Thanks for sharing your approach.”

- Rufus H.

“There seems to be genuine care for subscribers that goes beyond financial investing.”

- Ronald S.

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“I have purchased numerous financial periodicals over the past three years and Manward is the one I appreciate the most.”

- Cindy M.

“Manward is one of the few emails I look forward to every day.”

- Ken G.

“Options were so foreign and strange to be before I started investing with Andy. But now they’re my best sources of consistent and profitable investments.”

Michael P.

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“Down to earth advice. No smoke and mirrors. I trust Manward 100%.”

- Kenneth S.

“I’ve been a subscriber to other financial publications and Andy’s are my favorite. I am so happy I bought a lifetime membership. I can’t say enough of how pleased I am with his work.”

- Aaron F.

“Andy comes across as a no-nonsense, gifted and seasoned financial pro. He is refreshing and down-to-earth.”

- Jim S.


“I have a lifetime membership and enjoy the fact that you recommend stocks and cryptos with a high degree of confidence. Yours is the only service that I would recommend after not having success with many others”

- Thomas S.

“We have confidence in your system and it hasn’t let us down.”

- Emile & Gene

“Andy has some of the most timely, smart, and common-sense approach to investing bar non”

- D.G.

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“I pass financial acumen to my children through Manward Press. His news and views have increased my wealth considerably.

- J.D.

“I began reading Manward to protect the nest egg I have accumulated. I have used the money to invest in crypto and seen marvelous returns.”

- Pat

“I appreciate Manward Financial Digest. I subscribed to numerous financial advice services over the years, but this service is the best”

- Tim

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“I trust Andy 100%. I started with The Oxford Club in August but now you are my favorite service.”

- John D.

“Andy is my link to the financial world. I will continue to stay with Manward as I grow financially”

- Warren W.

“Grateful for Andy’s enthusiastic willingness to help people achieve financial freedom”

- Kevin H.

As a long time member of Stansberry and [The Oxford Club’s] Chairman’s Circle, Andy’s monthly missive is always refreshing. I am a complete convert. I only regret not having the joy of learning from Andy over the years.”

- Kim B.

“I have bought some of each recommendation since joining and have made money on all but one.”

- Gary W.

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“I know 100% more about Crypto from your 30 minute video than I have learned in the last year.”

- Larry M.

“This is by far the most important information found on the internet today.”

- Mason

“I have used Manward Letter to build my portfolio from $500 to $33,000 over the past two years. My annual subscription pays for itself on any given day five ties over. I am thankful to have found you and your affordable help.”


“Your service has exceeded my expectations from day one”

- A.C.