About Us

Why I Started This Ultra-Unique Publishing Company

by Andy Snyder, Founder

The idea for Manward Press first came to me during my time in Alaska. I was living and working in some of the state’s most remote wilds – no roads, no electricity, nothing on the radio dial.

My clients – mostly men – came from all over the world, paying thousands of dollars to learn what I do and how I do it. Most of them came to me feeling unfulfilled and jaded about the lack of control in their lives. But after just a couple of days together – and after teaching them just a few simple skills – they left with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality.

The change in such a small amount of time was nothing short of amazing.

I was doing powerful work. Sensing a much larger problem, I wanted to do more.

The truth is, most folks are helpless on their own. Because of this, the average person lacks a sense of true fulfillment.

Many people lack the skills and knowledge to meet their full potential. They can’t survive on their own. They have great trouble building (and keeping) wealth. They can’t maintain strong relationships. And they’re frustratingly constrained by modern society.

They’re a far cry from their primal selves… the way we were created to perform.

I founded Manward, an ultra-unique publishing company, as a full-on attack on that debilitating notion. It was my way of “scaling up,” going from changing hundreds of lives to changing hundreds of thousands of lives.

To bust through the barriers created by modern society, Manward focuses intently on just three scientifically proven ideas that all folks must master in order to reach true fulfillment.

They are Liberty, Know-How and Connections.

We call them the “Triad.” Everything at Manward is aimed at them.


People who master the triad are happier… wealthier… and have better relationships. Science proves it.

Manward is about just one thing… publishing ideas that lead folks to richer, fuller lives that overflow with freedom.

Be well,