The Alarming Reality of the Monsanto Trials

The weed killer in our food causes cancer. That’s the word out of California’s court system. It was another big blow for Monsanto and its glyphosate-based Roundup.

A Basic Income Alternative That Works

We’re reading a great book from a great man this week. It’s a fascinating tale of bravery, patriotism and leadership. And it shows how our nation is broken.

Cannabis Investing: The Huge Opportunity in America’s “Next Oil Boom”

Lots of folks are eager to jump into the moneymaking opportunities within cannabis. The way we see it, the sector is divided into growers, users... and the folks who will really get rich.

Mailbag: Your Questions on CBD, Cannabis and Marijuana

For decades, people have been deprived of a natural miracle that’s proven capable of treating everything from Alzheimer’s... to diabetes... to even cancer. Now fortunately the tides are beginning to shift.

Daring to Be Happier, Healthier and More Successful

The average American hasn’t made a new friend in more than five years. That’s scary... especially when we learn that a lack of strong Connections in our life increases the risk of premature death by 50%.

How to Prepare for the Next Market Crash

If you’re worried about the fate of the stock market, this lesson and reminder of the power of Know-How could prove quite valuable.

Why We “Waste Time” on the Farm (and You Should Too)

“Why do you waste your time on that farm,” people ask. “Why not relax and take it easy?” Life sure would be easier. But that man in the mirror wouldn’t be happy...

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