Time to Play the Alternatives

We spend a lot of time on our farm cleaning up the messes of others.

If you’re an investor these days, you know the feeling.

You see, a stream cuts down the middle of our farm. Its water enters the property at a big pool that the kids like to fish in during the summer. From there, it winds and bends for more than half a mile before the water is handed off to the next fellow.

The banks of the creek tell quite a story.

In some spots – where long ago, cattle stomped right through the creek bed – the banks are steep and fragile. The vegetation that’s supposed to give them support was mowed down by a generation of lazy grazing.

These days, we know better.

Since we moved in, we’ve fenced off the creek and are planting trees along its banks.

The thing is… we’ll never enjoy their shade.

We’ll be dead long before somebody ever sees the contrast between today and tomorrow.

But we know it’s coming. And we enjoy that.

Like we said, though, investors know the same feeling.

Today’s Trouble… Yesterday’s False Promise

We’re dealing with the fallout of lazy decisions made generations ago.

As a nation, we’re quite nearsighted. Half the folks blame Trump for the problems of today. The other half say he inherited them all from Obama.

But like the topsoil that’s eroded from our fields… and the steep banks that line our creek… these problems took generations to create. And they’ll take generations to fix.

We can blame Nixon for what he did to the dollar.

But he can blame FDR for what he did for the welfare state.

And he can blame Coolidge for blindly walking us toward the Great Depression – the god-awful benchmark still used for nearly all things economic today.

It shows the compounding nature of bad decisions.

Shade From a Different Tree

One bad choice won’t wreck things – just as one night out on the town won’t destroy a man. But do it enough… and sooner rather than later, somebody will be broke and out on the street.

Our point here, though, isn’t what you think. (Is it ever?)

No… our goal isn’t to get you to start thinking 30 years out. We’re not here to give generational advice.

Instead, we want you to ponder whose shade tree you’re sitting under… and whether you need to chainsaw that bugger and move on.

We want you to understand that if you’re like most folks who followed the textbook advice, your money and your wealth are depending on an old, eroded streambank to hold its ground.

That’s not good.

Like us, you’re likely starting to see things give way… quickly.

An Alternative

Last week, we wrote our Manward Letter readers and showed them the real-world effects of negative interest rates. We showed them how so many folks are losing wealth due to them… and yet a handful of assets are surging because of them.

We can see the effects of all this in the headlines.

Stocks now rely on stimulus.

The dollar is losing its strength.

And alternatives are popping up… alternatives launched and backed by the power of the free market.

Most folks, though, are cozy under the shade of a tree planted nearly a century ago. They don’t realize the limbs are growing weak… the roots are losing their strength… and one good storm could topple the once-mighty beast.

Meanwhile… across the meadow… a new tree is sprouting up. It’s growing fast. As it spreads its roots, the ground buckles and shifts out of their way.

It’s an alternative – a shelter for folks looking to escape the danger of falling branches.

It’s Bitcoin and other cryptos… It’s shares of companies doing things differently…. It’s alternative assets… buyback stocks… even gold.

We’ve changed the way we do things on our old farm. We’ve learned from the mistakes of generations before us and have shored up the stream’s eroding banks.

It’s time more folks start thinking about the world of money in the same light.

That’s why we recently introduced crypto trading to our prized research service Alpha Money Flow. We’ve already made two solid trades… with more on the way.

We want you in on them.

If you’re looking for a stock market alternative – one that’s quickly getting the attention of the world’s biggest investors – I urge you to join us.

Through Wednesday, we’re letting folks in with an incredible offer.

All the details and a phone number to call with questions are at this link.

If you’re worried about the mess created by others… you’re not alone.

The banks are getting weak.

This could be your way out.

Click here.

Are you investing in alternative assets? Tell us at mailbag@manwardpress.com.

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