Can the “Bitcoin Senator” Make You Rich?

We wrote our Manward Letter subscribers with good news this week.

Our first-ever crypto play is now up more than 60%. It’s a market-crushing run over the course of a mere 45 days.

It proves the point we made when we introduced our Modern Asset Portfolio this summer – that if you’re not investing in digital money, you’re missing out on one of the hottest, most potential-filled asset classes of our time.

And all signs say that it’s about to get a lot hotter.

An Alternative Thought

Every time we write about Bitcoin and its brethren, our mailbag lights up with the same question. What happens if the government bans the stuff?

We answered it here.

But we’re in a glass-half-full mood this morning. Crypto’s blistering run has us asking a different question.

What if the government actually hops on the digital money train?

What if Uncle Sam puts on his conductor’s cap and drives the whole thing forward?

Sound crazy?

We beg to differ.

After all, Washington is buried in debt. Its borrow-and-spend system is showing signs of failure. It’s quickly morphing into the print-and-spend system we’ve warned about for years.

As things evolve (or is it devolve?), alternatives must come to work.

And one person pushing the idea will raise her right hand next month and be sworn in as a senator.

Introducing the Bitcoin Senator

The fine folks of Wyoming just elected Cynthia Lummis to represent them in Washington. She’s a big fan of Bitcoin. In fact, she plans to use her new platform as a way to preach the virtues of an alternative form of money.

If you own Bitcoin, the words that follow should make your belly tingle…

“If we reach the point where we have overspent so much that things start crashing down,” Lummis said this week, “the Black Swan event occurs with any regard to any fiat currency… there is a backstop available to every government in the world, and that backstop is Bitcoin.”

She went on to say that the nation needs a plan to deal with its exploding debt. It needs to find an alternative, sustainable path.

“I see the alternative half as Bitcoin, because you have the ability to invest in something that has stability in the store of value,” she said.

She concludes that she wants to spend her time in Washington educating her fellow lawmakers.

We reckon she’ll have quite a busy schedule.

The World Will Decide

What Lummis understands is the oh-so-simple fact that Washington doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

That’s the point of it all.

Crypto is the decentralized, government-free solution to the problem that takes from us all.

For generations, governments have overtly robbed their citizens by embracing policies that depend on inflation as a fuel source. The Federal Reserve, in fact, is disappointed when the value of your cash doesn’t fall each year.

But history proves to us that these policies all have the same conclusion. It’s never good.

Runaway inflation will come.

Like the sun rising in the east, it must come.

That’s why countries that have long suffered from the diminishing value of money are flocking to crypto in a huge way. In Venezuela and Argentina, it’s no longer a fringy alternative. It’s the path to financial survival.

And as hard as they try, the governments there are having quite a time trying to stop the trend.

That’s why we’re seeing folks like Lummis taking the lead.

She was elected by the people… people who are worried about the fate of their money. If she wants to keep her job, she’ll make progress.

In many ways, she already has.


After all, the nation’s comptroller of the currency, Brian Brooks, just came out this week with an idea for a new form of digital money.

This one – which he calls “country coin” – would reward folks for continuing their education.

“This is a way of increasing equity and increasing growth without raising taxes and without pitting the rich against the poor,” Brooks said.

He says he should earn the Nobel Prize for the idea.

Merits of that idea aside, we can see the direction things are headed.

Massive debt… stimulus… hidden inflation… student loan forgiveness… politicians seeing the value in digital money.

The clues are all there.

When we put them together, we have no doubt that crypto is about to go from fringe to mainstream in a very big way.

If Washington tries to stop it, it will be left behind in a world that no longer wants or needs its dollars.

The future of digital money has never looked stronger.

It’s why we urge every investor to own some.

P.S. Keep an eye on your inbox. We’ve got a special invitation coming for anybody who wants to learn how to invest in this red-hot opportunity. And send your crypto questions to

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