Mailbag: The Truth Is Calling

What is it about the Truth that nobody likes these days?

We rented a house at the base of a ski slope last weekend. It had a TV… the delusion-inducing box we shunned from our home years ago.

But we’re an adult. We’re old enough to drink… gamble… and – the most dangerous vice of all – vote. So we picked up the remote and tapped the buttons until it flickered to life.

It can’t hurt us that bad, right?

On came the nightly news.

It’s as if the Truth were deemed illegal… and the lowly citizenry were finally following the law.

We heard politicians make false promises. We heard reporters boggle the facts. And we witnessed how easily a savvy and creative video editor can snip out the details and the context, leaving only room for the hyperbolic and the scary.

For the bored and weary, the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus is a grand story to watch unfold.

It has death. It has a villain. And it’s filled with mystery and intrigue.

But if you’re an investor, oh boy, you felt the consequences of a media system that’s desperate to scare.

Stocks plunged on Monday as the world mistook the news for the Truth.

Stocks plunged as talking heads called the virus a black swan.

And they plunged some more as buyers fled the market when the latest death toll scrolled along the bottom of the screen.

But it takes a lowly old writer like us to spread the Truth.

Some 80 folks have died from the coronavirus. It’s a tragedy to be sure… but let’s not forget the common flu will snuff out some 80,000 lives this year.

The nightly news won’t tell you, but those who have succumbed to China’s latest bug aren’t the fit and the healthy. They’re the weak, the sick and those with major underlying conditions.

Most folks get it and have hardly more than a sniffle.

But those little caveats won’t sell ad spots.

They probably won’t sell newsletters either.

We’d better move on before we succumb to the calling… before we say something dumb and entirely without context… like “We’re all going to die!”

Oh my.

It’s the Truth. But is it?

There’s always good news and Truth in the mailbag.

Let’s dig in.

USS Leadership

We’re doing some fun, new things with our newsletters. Tens of thousands of you sit down to read the latest issue of Manward Letter each month.

It’s where we pack the pages with as much Truth as it can hold.

But lately, it can’t hold all of our ideas.

It’s why we’ve begun to focus tightly on the financial side of things in the standard issue… and started publishing an entirely separate health newsletter each month.

Readers clearly see the merit of our efforts…

Well, Andy, you have done it again! Great articles at the right time. I can relate at my age of 74. You are a Leader at a time when great leadership is missing in our world. A Leader has Vision, a plan of action, great team members, and can relate the message that all can understand. If you held up the picture of The Leadership Ship you would be looking at yourself. Reader B.B.

Thanks for the kind words. But let’s just put that picture in the back of our wallet and move on. We’d hate to soil such a fine idea with our mug.

But B.B. brings up a great point. It’s one we haven’t discussed all that much – that a leader has a great team behind him.

We sure do. Over the last three years, Manward has grown from our little passion project that took up a few hours before the sun rose each morning to a full-fledged operation with seven folks working full time on it (but we’re still writing this in the dark).

We keep the team quite busy. We’ve got some big plans for the months ahead.

By the end of this year, the amount of thoughts and ideas we publish will more than double.

It’s a grand victory for the Truth.

Money Know-How

Along those lines…

What options service do you offer? I have basic knowledge but would really like to get more involved. Thank you. – Reader S.P.

These are the sorts of emails we love. They prove we’re moving in the right direction.

We’re in the midst of recording an in-depth options training class. We aim to get it in the hands of as many folks as possible.

That’s because we’re convinced the very best way to make serious money – especially if you’re starting later in life – is through the careful and strategic use of options.

The idea scares a lot of folks. It makes sense. The Truth about options is rarely told. Again, it’s usually edited out to make room for the hype and the impossible.

But we’re up for the challenge. And you’ll hear more about it soon.

And to answer S.P.’s question, we publish two services – Manward Trader (which just won a slew of awards) and our newest offering, Codebreaker Profits.

If you want to learn more, your best bet is to call our team directly at 844.201.1980 or 443.541.4636.

Or you can keep reading…

How to Maximize Profits

It is a pleasure to be a member of your service Codebreaker Profits (since December 2019). I love all your publications and your recommendations and most importantly your Integrity and honesty by trying to help people like me. So with that said, I just sold my January EVA option for a profit of $2,097. But I wanted to ask you about the timing because this option had been up by 285% in early January. So for my own learning curve is there a certain percentage or amount you would sell, or were you looking at indicators that usually would tell you to either sell or keep it for a longer period of time? Reader S.S.

Congratulations on the gains. There have been a slew of triple-digit winners like this one in recent weeks.

This is a question we get a lot, and it will be a big part of the upcoming options training material we’ll publish.

The simple answer is that we tend to sell half of our position when it doubles in value. That way our risk is off the table and the remaining position continues to grow without any threat to our original position.

What we do with that second half of the position largely depends on two things – market momentum and time.

If volatility is low and the market has a clear direction (like it did late last year), we’ll hold for longer. But as options expiration comes closer, we’ll look to unload and take our gains.

Again… there’s more to come on that subject.

There’s Always One

One more from the mailbag…

Yes, by all means don’t make drugs affordable. I suggest $500 for EpiPen. No wait – make that $5,000. $50,000 for anyone with an IRA.

When you need a heart operation, give the surgeon half your wealth – isn’t your life worth it? Your money or your life. (Where have I heard that before?)

Profiting from other people’s needs is very anti-Jesus, but you don’t care about him anyway.

Let’s double the price of drugs – or triple them! Flush those damn weaklings out of the gene pool, right?

I’m grateful to some drug companies for making my life better, but I’m glad I’m not at the mercy of rapacious ones though. Apparently, you don’t mind being at their mercy: to each his own, but I’m embarrassed for you.

Maybe you should read the Constitution; something about inalienable rights like, say, Life. – Subscriber B.W.

Forget the pipes, Danny Boy… The Truth, the Truth is calling.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. We’re in a church pew every Sunday. But to use that as a weapon is not only silly but also filled with foul logic.

For some context for new readers, B.W. is referring to our recent piece where we mused about California’s heinous idea to get into the generic drug business.

To the person who simply flicks on the nightly news and believes what he hears word for word… government-sponsored healthcare seems like a decent idea.

But to those of us who seek the Truth or dare to think for ourselves, our math adds up to a different sum.

If anybody thinks the writers of our Constitution wanted the government to take on the responsibility of providing life for its citizenry… they’d better pick up a book.

And if they think the Big Guy wants the same thing… they’d better read another important book.

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