Trump Hands Us Easy Money This Week

Get ready to make some money.

For more than a decade, we’ve preached about the new way to make money on Wall Street. The days of traditional analysis are long gone.

Oh sure, the fundamental artwork of legends like Ben Graham and his disciples like Warren Buffett is timeless. But there’s a much easier and more reliable way to make money these days…

The government.

For proof, we merely need to turn to Buffett himself.

As the economy imploded in 2008, the Oracle of Omaha saw a chance to make some serious bucks.

He just had to hold his nose and partner with the swamp dwellers in D.C.

We would have loved to have been on the other line when Tim Geithner called Buffett in a panic on September 16, 2008.

No doubt the two moneymen discussed which companies would survive, which would die and what a partnership with D.C. would look like.

In many ways, that fateful conversation set the tone for the entire decade ahead.

The Rich Get Richer

If you recall, Geithner and his pals turned on the printing press and sent huge checks to Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and the lot.

While Geithner put the taxpayer on the hook for the worst of the bailouts, Buffett went for the better lot.

He called up Goldman Sachs and offered it a loan that even a shark would envy. He handed the down-on-its-luck bank a check for $5 billion… and demanded a healthy 10% interest rate.

He made hundreds of millions on the deal. Much of it, of course, came thanks to the $10 billion Uncle Sam simultaneously pushed through the bank’s gold-plated back door.

It was the same story at Harley-Davidson.

While Washington took its turn and bailed out the nation’s troubled automakers, Buffett volunteered to save its iconic motorcycle builder.

He deposited $303 million in the Milwaukee company’s bank account. But this time, he got a 15% interest rate.

And when the company tried to pay him back early… the tough businessman said no way.

He wanted every penny of what he was owed.

By teaming up with Washington and playing the part of the government’s free market hero, Buffett put hundreds of millions of dollars into his pocket.

But here’s the thing…

It’s what most folks missed in Trump’s speech last night. They were too busy gabbing about the politics of it all.

There’s a push for another huge partnership with Uncle Sam. And this one is even bigger.

Where Buffett spent billions… the new plan calls for trillions.

Where only the well-connected profited in 2008… the new plan is open to the masses.

It could be one of the most lucrative moneymaking opportunities of the decade.

Your Turn

You see, if you paid attention to Trump’s speech last night, you heard him mention the idea of investing in America’s infrastructure.

He made some bold promises.

But if you also paid attention to his same address to the nation last year, you heard him mention his $1.7 trillion plan then, too.

It never happened.

The White House’s plan got no support.

Based on that history, a lot of pundits will surely write off Trump’s latest spending promise.

They’ll say it’s more hot air… more lies.

They are wrong.

There are two key differences with this new push.

The first focuses on somebody who you certainly haven’t heard mentioned on the news.

His name is DJ Gribbin.

He’s the man who led the proposal team last year. Few people liked his work.

Even Trump’s folks agreed the plan was too reliant on tolls and corporate funding to be appealing to the masses.

But here’s the thing… Gribbin is gone.

He spun through the White House’s revolving door last spring.

And now there’s growing bipartisan support for a big – very big – new spending plan.

That’s the other thing that’s different this year. The midterm elections are over. There’s no more fight for control. If they want to stay in power, both sides now must prove they can line the pockets of their constituents.

To do it… both parties must work together.

Infrastructure Week

The rhetoric started last night. But the real action starts Thursday.

That’s when the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure holds its first hearing under the new House. Its new chairman, Peter DeFazio, a Democrat, is eager to get something done.

He quietly met with his equivalent chair in the Senate, a Republican, last week. The two-party talks were supposedly “very good.”

Both sides expect to soon pull a deal together that Trump will like.

It’s crucial they do it soon… long before critical funding runs out in 2020, creating a reelection nightmare.

There’s little doubt that what these folks cook up will be one of the biggest stimulus packages in the history of the country.

Both sides see it as the key to their victory in 2020.

But we don’t care about the politics… and neither did Buffett in 2008.

The opportunity is clear.

We’re sitting on the cusp of what could be the biggest income-generating opportunity of the next decade.

Readers who follow our advice could take advantage of this situation in a very big way. Our math shows Washington’s next move could lead to monthly – yes, monthly – payouts of as much as $7,190… for the next 22 straight years.

Click here to learn the simplest way to get in on the action.

As we said… get ready to make some money.

The figures we’re about to see will even make guys like Buffett jealous.

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