The Mentality That Will Bring Down Our Nation… and How to Fix It

Why do we do what we do each day?

Why do we get up at the rooster’s crow, grab a keyboard and tap out our thoughts and ideas?

It’s because our culture is plagued by ignorance, sloth and a dangerous “if it feels good, do it” attitude.

That sounds harsh.

It’s a bit extreme.

But that’s fine.

After all, the mediocre tend not to do great things. We won’t stand for that.

We believe our mission to spread the Triad of Liberty, Know-How and Connections is vital. If we’re not doing it… who will?

Fighting Ignorance

Take, for instance, saving and investing for retirement.

It’s something we’ve devoted our career to.

For the nation’s oldest generation, putting money aside was a requisite. But two-thirds of millennials haven’t bothered to save a penny for later.

Some of them aren’t saving because they believe it won’t matter.

They say climate change will kill us all before it’s time for them to retire.


Others aren’t investing in tomorrow because they’ve seen the downside of the market.

“I was in college when the financial collapse happened,” said one young advertising professional, “and I remember the intense dread and panic around me as people who played by the rules of the system and did everything right lost all of their savings. What will prevent that from happening again? The system doesn’t work.”

Right there… in that loaded paragraph… is why we get up each morning and do what we do.

It’s the most dangerous and misguided statement you’ll read all week… except perhaps for this next one.

It’s another reason millennials aren’t investing.

It comes from presidential wannabe Kamala Harris.

At last week’s three-ring debate in Miami, Harris touted her plans to bolster the “Entitlement Economy.” She took a swing at the president for flaunting his great economy.

“If you ask him how you’re measuring the greatness of this economy of yours, and he talks about the stock market,” the senator said.

“Well, that’s fine if you own stocks,” she continued, drawing out the final two words as if the act were the equivalent of finding a winning lottery ticket in the gutter. “So many families in America do not.”

Right there… again… is why we get up with the sunrise each morning and do what we do.

That mentality will bring down our nation, our culture and our people.

It slashes our Liberty. It makes us reliant on others (like Harris and her competitors promising all those freebies on stage last week). And it makes us desperate.

Need proof?

We turn back to those poor (in oh so many ways) millennials.

They’re depressed.

The number of folks between the ages of 18 and 25 who suffer from depression has surged by 52% since 2005.

Clearly the notion of depending on others isn’t working out so well.

Free Money… Help Yourself

Instead of using her podium to tell the nation that anybody can buy a stock… that all it takes is a few bucks (certainly less than $100) to start investing… the senator pounded her fist and extolled the ways her government would fix the problem.

One candidate even promised every person in the country $1,000 a month in income.

His price tag… just $3 trillion.

We can promise the same thing.

In fact, we can deliver more than a grand a month if you pay attention.

And our investing plan doesn’t put a burden on the innocent or the working class. No. In fact, it comes with a few healthy dividends… like independence, a robust economy and the realization of hopes and dreams. Try getting that if you’re waiting for a check from Uncle Sam each month.

Our views aren’t always popular.

Dare we say it, some of our ideas may take hard work.

But if you want to know why we are so passionate about what we do… that’s why.

We don’t believe some politician has what it takes to secure our future. We know the only way to get that job done is by doing what science has proven again and again – boosting our Liberty, our Know-How and our Connections.

Our mission is to spread the word.

Clearly, we’ve got work to do.

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