Mailbag: Rewriting the Rules on Big Government

Oh boy… we opened our mouth again.

Word is out about what we’re up to… and folks want to hear more.

Last week, we were asked to speak at a meeting of local business leaders. We talked about what we do, how we got here and where we plan to go.

It’s that last one that got us in trouble.

We’ve got big plans, we said, but we’ve got to dodge many layers of bureaucracy to get the job done.

“Just do it,” said one successful entrepreneur. “Just ask for forgiveness later.”

“No,” shouted a voice from the other side of the room.

That voice, we found out later, belonged a judge. She has the power to grant forgiveness… after we’ve given our time.


We thought about changing the subject. But what a waste of a good time that would be.

We went for it, picking apart both sides of the argument.

In the end, the judge and the businessman came to the same oh-so-obvious conclusion: Government has gone wild.

Follow the rules… and you’ll go nowhere.

Break the rules… and you’ll go somewhere – perhaps, even, “upstate.”

Rule Breakers vs. Rule Makers

The only option, of course, is to get the rules – and the rule makers – on your side.

We see it in the world of small business – where a small-town mechanic gets busted for having a sign that’s 6 inches too big… while a big-box store gets a tax break for bulldozing a corn field.

We see it in the healthcare realm – where natural medicine grows in your backyard, but Big Pharma has the patent on it… so you’d better get a prescription from your doc.

And we see it in our schools – where one friend of ours wanted to have lunch with her daughter… but the school said no. She can have her kid back after 4 p.m.

Of course, the same is true in the world of Wall Street… where it certainly pays to have the power on your side.

We’ve written a lot about the subject.

Investors these days don’t wake up and check the latest sales figures or product innovations from the companies in their portfolios. No… They log on to see what the president has tweeted… They tune in to see what Jay Powell has said… And they eagerly await what new laws Pelosi will let through.

A Class of Our Own

Everywhere we look, our old pal Mr. Market is being shoved aside.

In his place, we see an evil nemesis… Big Government.

Readers agree. They’re fed up.

The Manward mailbag is booming with comments on the subject.

Perhaps it’s because we landed one of the greatest libertarian minds of our time… Joel Salatin.

One note stands out. You’ll see why…

Wow, Joel, this one is out of the park. When Andy began Manward Digest, it seemed every issue was this solid. Maybe he has begun running out of truly substantive issues to light up. If so, it’s encouraging to think it’s a finite list. But this one reminds me of why Manward is in a class by itself.

Important topic. Very well done! – Reader J.M.

Hmmpph… That’s the sort of comment we’d expect from an ex-girlfriend. But we’ll take it!

We’re certainly not running out of topics to cover. In fact, our list gets larger every day.

We argue our mission of spreading the import of Liberty, Know-How and Connections is more crucial today than ever.

That’s why we brought in Joel.

His mind should be considered a national treasure… an ironic title for a man who’s a perennial thorn in the side of the State.

I especially enjoy your writing about topics such as this. It is my favorite genre in literature these days too. I’m not sure why I like it so much, but I think you capture the idea pretty well. What the older folks know, we will need to know again. I hope there are still a few like you to disseminate it as that time gets near.

I enjoy your YouTube videos. I’m happy you don’t just sit around in the field all day with your hemp. Your work is inspiring. Best to you. – Reader M.P.

Thanks. We certainly don’t sit around all that much. It doesn’t do a man much good.

Perhaps that’s what inspired us to take on the new series about the World War II generation and some of its unique characters. These folks didn’t sit around. They had better things to do.

We do, too.

If you want to see our latest initiative – those YouTube videos M.P. mentions – click here.

Buy Gold

We held our latest monthly call with Codebreaker Profits subscribers last week. During it, we revealed the details of a new report we’re wrapping up.

It’s on one of our favorite subjects…


Needless to say… the news was well-received.

Bring it, Andy!! Gold is blowing up my portfolio (in a GOOD way), and I would appreciate your thoughts and recs. Reader J.B.

Our thoughts on gold are quite simple.

Buy it… and then buy some more.

The rationale is simple and extensive.

Negative interest rates… massive debt… trade wars… money printing… political unrest… and the death of cash.

It all makes one hell of a case for a rock that’s seen it all and still manages to shine.

Think of it this way. When our keepers finally push this mess over the edge and come to us groveling for forgiveness… it won’t be their dollar that will retain its value.

It’ll be gold… and its “just do it” attitude.

It’s been writing its own set of rules for thousands of years.

For my full thoughts on the subject and what happens next, click here.

Keep the questions and comments coming. Email us at

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