Mailbag: Don’t Forget to Live

Investors have some grand opportunities these days.

But first… they need to screw their heads on straight.

Things are bad out there. Unemployment is at record levels. Production is plunging. And the food supply is turning up short.

It’s not exactly the vision of America daddy promised while bouncing us on his knee.

But, then again, April was one of the best months for investors in decades. Subscribers to our fast-moving trading services saw some tremendous gains, with multiple opportunities to double their money.

A kind subscriber took the time to drop us a line:

I’m finally doing well on options with your strategies. I just started trading your picks a few weeks ago. Nearly all of your picks are up substantially…

Very nice.

So what gives? How can things be so bad… and yet oh so good?

This is where investors need to look in the mirror and have an honest conversation.

The End Is Nigh

This mess isn’t going to end well. All currencies fail. All superpowers lose their reign. All democracies go corrupt.

But here’s another fact you may be familiar with… We’re all gonna die.

Sorry, dear friend, but the news is true.

This life of ours will kill us.

But that doesn’t stop us from working our hardest, loving our heart out and building a life worth dying for, right?

We don’t know what it is about humans these days, but it seems like for all the technology and color-rich, high-definition TVs in our living rooms… we can only see black and white.

We’re either bulls or bears. The world is grand, or the world is a mess.

As we’re wont to do… we see things differently.

Without a doubt, this ship is going down (have you seen how much money we’ve printed recently?!). America’s golden veneer has some chips in it, revealing the poisonous lead beneath it.

But what’s new?

Like an innocent newborn calf… this experiment has been marching toward its death from its first breath.


We guess… if you want to think about it that way.

But why not think differently? Why not think of it as a chance to get all you can, while you can? Why not squeeze in every smile, every hug… and every dollar… while the opportunity exists?

That sounds way better – far more pleasing than being paralyzed by fear and panic.

It’s our duty to point out the flaws and keep this prized craft afloat as long as we can. There are major problems. But, then again, there are some fantastic opportunities.

Savvy investors and pragmatic thinkers are reaping the rewards.

You Too?

Let’s see how the idea plays out in the mailbag…

I have done a bit of “speculation” (to use your term) in the Crypto space, primarily with Bitcoin and Ethereum. My fear is that the oh so benevolent masters will one day decide that the only “acceptable” cryptocurrency is the one they roll out via the Fed. I hope I’m wrong! – Reader W.W.

Ah… the painful wealth destroyer known as “one day.”

W.W. is right. One day, the folks in charge will put their fat thumb on the notion of a currency run by the people. They’re already trying.

But, as we gripe about all the time, governments are slow, inefficient and react only when it’s too late. By that measure, we’ve got plenty of time to get in and get out with a pocket full of profits.

We could sit on the sidelines and wait for things to unravel “one day,” or we could take advantage of the action today and use our Know-How to get us out when the timing is right.

We recently started to beta trade an interesting volume algorithm and used it to alert us to a favorable entry point with bitcoin. The trade is up 25%.

One day, bitcoin will go to zero. But not today.

Here’s one more. It’s a response to our popular essay about “seeing the elephant.”

The USA was born on the backs of pioneers who fought for their independence from tyranny; fought for their freedom; and believed in a God who would be there even in the walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I choose to fight for that same independence… the freedom to choose a Life worth Living!

The elephant is Always in the room. Death is always part of Life, and we should never forget it, but we should also not let Death rule us like a tyrant!

I am for casting off these “chains of safety” imposed by the CDC; the WHO; the George Soros’; the Bill Gates’; the Governor Insleys’; others anxious to make you think they control your personal existence.

These “leaders,” or supposed “deciders and knowers of your fate,” encourage us to be Afraid of Dying. Instead Believe and go forward into Living. The path set before us by the “deciders” only leads to Tyranny. Thank you for a chance to voice my “inner fires” and vision of the Elephant! Reader M.H.

There’s a lot in that note. But it’s all good stuff.

Don’t be so afraid of dying… that you forget to live.

Whether it’s our health or our wealth we’re focused on, it’s a vital message these days.

Go live.

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