Why This Conservative Infrastructure Play Is Surging

It’s been a tough week in America’s Deep South.

It got cold. Really cold.

But could the solution warm up your portfolio?

Lots of folks feel the chill that’s taken over the heartland… and they blame global warming. Bill Gates tells us the solution is another nasty hit to all those ranchers in Texas… Eat fake meat, he says.

The other side of the argument comes in from another extreme. The oil drillers, pipeline fitters and coal miners say none of the power outages would have happened if we hadn’t shut down so many “dirty” plants.

You need us, they say.

Who is right?

We have our thoughts. But neither side would like them. So we’ll keep them to ourselves.

But here’s one thing that everybody can agree on.

Uncle Sam is about to spend a lot of money on a problem that may or may not exist.

Big Promises

You may remember that President Trump wanted to spend big on infrastructure. Several years ago, he even launched “infrastructure” week at the White House.

His plan to spend more than $2 trillion on rebuilding America never came to life.

The other side of the aisle wanted little to do with it.

Now it’s Biden’s turn… and, boy, do the headlines suddenly match his agenda.

Just yesterday, the president opened the doors of his new home to union bosses from across the country.

Their aim is simple. Spend money.

According to the White House, the group “will evaluate infrastructure proposals based on our energy needs, their ability to achieve economy-wide net-zero emissions by 2050 and their ability to create good-paying union jobs.”

The new president has matched Trump’s spending plan in his “Build Back Better” plan – another $2 trillion we don’t have. But labor bosses want more. They want at least a trillion bucks a year for the next four years.

With unions holding so much election sway, they’ll probably get it… plus a nice overtime bonus.

The Best Way to Profit

The possibilities of what to do next tie directly to our essay yesterday. We know commodity prices are on the rise.

The price of steel recently spiked to a record high. Carmakers across the world have already been forced to raise their prices.

Even lowly steel rebar has soared 20% since October. That’s going to make all those bridge repairs quite costly.

Copper, too, is shooting straight up. It’s already 40% higher than it was before the pandemic struck the world.

If we add in a couple (or even four?) trillion dollars’ worth of fresh spending, the price action surely won’t slow anytime soon.

For investors, it’s a grand opportunity. Investing at the bottom of a supercycle has always been the recipe for success.

Our Manward Letter readers know the idea well.

Last year, we told them to buy shares of KBR (KBR). It’s a global leader in high-tech infrastructure planning and development.

It’s built bridges… railways… and ports.

It’s also an expert in updating old “dirty” chemical plants to utilizing modern, cleaner fuels like ethanol and other plant-based feedstocks.

Better yet… KBR has some good friends on Capitol Hill. It works with governments across the globe on everything from land defense to space operations (a very bright spot these days).

It’s no surprise that our position in this conservative, dividend-paying company has surged by 50% in the 10 months since we got in.

But the gains are far from over.

The spending is just getting started.

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