A Huge (and Unique) Opportunity in Hemp

We’re excited… very excited.

We were invited to a special dinner last night.

It was a who’s who sort of event.

There were prominent researchers from top schools, leading businessmen, surgeons and the region’s largest landowners.

The latter is how we fit into this motley mix of folks.

When it was time to stop shaking hands, we sat down to eat across from the second in command at the state’s ag department.

It was odd company… especially for us.

Normally, we’d never gather like this.

There’s not much of a thread that binds a surgeon to a fertilizer salesman.

But there’s a huge opportunity in front of us… in front of all of us.

You see, we all sat down to talk about hemp.

Growing Opportunity

More accurately, we were there to talk about how hemp is about to change the lives of everybody in that room.

The surgeon stood up to speak first.

He told us how he’s investing in hemp… how the plant that was outlawed until just a few months ago is showing the potential to vastly rework the nation’s economy.

He told us of a medical study he and his fellow MDs have been following.

It was aimed at busting cancer… and it worked.

But what was crazy, he said, was that it wasn’t the things everybody was looking at that did the curing. It wasn’t THC or CBD that stopped the growth of colon cancer cells.

It was several other compounds neatly tucked inside the hemp plant that showed very promising results.

Everywhere he looked, he learned new and novel uses for the plant.

What this leading local surgeon has learned about hemp has forced him to take action.

He’s investing more than $2 million into what many are saying will soon be America’s “fourth crop.”

He just bought a huge industrial hemp processing unit from a company in Canada. When it’s installed this summer, it will be the third one of its kind in the world – and the only one in America.

The surgeon – with the help of the folks at our table – plans to turn our backyard into the nation’s industrial hemp hub.

To do it, he needs hemp…

A lot of it.

That’s why he called his friends to dinner.

Building an Industry

This is the part that gets us really excited.

You see, despite the fact that you can’t get high on hemp and the fact it was once a huge economic mainstay in America, our oh-so-wise lawmakers banned the stuff.

Because of it, there’s virtually no research on hemp… few farmers know how to grow it… and, the lone bit of good news, the government hasn’t been able to subsidize it into economic purgatory.

Instead, it’s the capitalist system that’s moving things forward at a breakneck pace.

It’s no wonder our pal from the Department of Ag looked so nervous all night. Nobody needed him.

In fact, the surgeon and his newly created company are doing what the government normally does. He’s guaranteeing hemp farmers a payout.

As long as they bring him everything they grow… he’ll guarantee a check that at least covers their bills.

And if things go well, he’ll lead them to a six-figure payday.

Again, the surgeon needs as much hemp fiber as he can get.

“None of us can do this alone,” he said. “This industry won’t get started without us working together.”

The New Oil

The surgeon and his team have buyers lined up for the tons of hemp they plan to process this fall.

That’s the part of the evening that dropped the most jaws.

It was a bit of show and tell.

The COO of the new hemp processor held up health products loaded with CBD. He handed out hemp fibers that are being used to reinforce concrete. He showed us hemp-based cat litter that he bought on Amazon (it can be flushed down the toilet). And he told us of the many thousands of other industrial uses.

One idea we’ve heard nobody else mention, though, comes from the realm of food preservation.

Americans toss away tons of food each day. The problem is getting drastically worse as our culture demands food delivered straight to our front door.

But hemp seems to be offering a solution.

In one test, refrigerated tomatoes went bad in a matter of days. But when put in a refrigerator lined with unique hemp-based insulation… they went weeks before showing any signs of trouble.

The potential is huge.

What oil did to the economy over the last 100 years, hemp will do over the next 10.

It’s enough opportunity that it brought together some of our region’s top thinkers, spenders and doers.

We’re excited to be part of it.

And to think… it’s all happening, not because any of this is new, but because the government finally got out of our way.

It’s a huge victory for our old pal Liberty.

We’ll have much more for readers on the topic. For now, drop us a line with your questions and comments related to hemp and the opportunities that come with it. You can email us at mailbag@manwardpress.com.

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