The Crime in Handing Out Free Money

Few things make us angry. But ignorance sets us off every time.

Perhaps it’s why we do what we do.

You see, friend, an old topic is once again in the news. It has to do with the government… and free money.

We’re afraid that our good pal Ben Franklin was right. He said that once the people find that they can vote themselves money, it will bring down the country.

Well… here we go, Benny.

Free Money… Vote for Me

Like we said, we’ve covered the topic before. The notion of “universal basic income” is so sticky, it’ll never go away. The nation has been toying with it for ages. It’s an easy way for the unelectable to get elected.

Perhaps that’s why Nixon was a big fan of the idea… as are several current presidential hopefuls.

The plan is simple. Take from the rich and give to the poor.

In the case that’s getting big attention from the mainstream press this week, select poor in one California city are getting $500 each month.

It’s just a start, say at least two Oval Office hopefuls.

Their plans involve payouts as high as $1,000 each month.

The most expensive plan will cost the nation an astronomical $2.8 trillion per year, which would be paid for by eliminating tax cuts and adding new taxes to corporations (those evil bastards).

That’s maddening logic… but it’s not the source of the ignorance that has us all worked up.

We’re used to that sort of foolish thinking.

They’ve Trapped Her for Life

What’s got our blood pressure surging is this quote from an AP story about Susie Garza, one of the “lucky” recipients of the $500-per-month prize.

Garza can spend the money however she wants. She uses $150 of it to pay for her cellphone and another $100 or so to pay off her dog’s veterinarian bills. She spends the rest on her two grandsons now that she can afford to buy them birthday presents online and let them get the big bag of chips at 7-Eleven.

Son of a gun… that makes us mad.

Cellphones… expensive pets… and the “big” bag of chips.

It’s no wonder we’re bald.

There’s no talk of saving. There’s no mention of using that $500 to fund an HSA or a 529 plan for those grandkids. There’s no mention of her ability to join in history’s strongest bull market by grabbing some shares of successful (hardworking) companies.



But wait… there’s more.

“I’ve never been able to do that,” the lucky recipient said. “I thought it was just the coolest thing.”

This is a crime.


Feel free to take the rest of this sentence the wrong way… but it’s no different from feeding feral pigs in our backyard.

They’ll come back tomorrow… then the next day… then the next day. Soon enough, they’ll forget how to forage for themselves.

What’s worse… someday we may run out of food or not be able to afford the herd that shows up at the door.

That’s when the trouble starts.

The trained pigs won’t know it, but they long ago lost their Liberty. They depended on the handouts of others and forgot how to survive on their own.

When the food goes away… they’ll starve to death.

That’s what’s so infuriating.

We don’t like poverty. We loathe it.

But we’re not successful and free because we depend on others.

Just the opposite.

We have a library of books on investing, finance and money management. We took courses. We listened. We learned. And we worked hard.

It wasn’t an accident… or luck… or the result of fine genetics (you should see the family pics).

But these dopes in politics don’t get elected for pounding the podium and telling the audience to get to work.

No, they get elected by touting false hope… a free meal in the backyard.

It’s dangerous, and it goes against everything we stand for.

Again, it’s why we do what we do. We know that the government won’t set us free – just the opposite.

It’ll lock us in.

It’s why we’ve made it our mission to spread the virtues of the Triad. With a tight focus on Liberty, Know-How and Connections, we can do extraordinary things and live an extraordinary life.

Shame on our government for preaching free money over financial education. Shame on these politicians for making promises they know will do far more harm than good. And shame on them for using the nation’s treasury as their campaign fund.

If Washington wants to make Ms. Garza really smile… it should buy her $500 worth of shares each month.

She’d be rich in no time.

But, then again, she’d probably end up changing who she’d vote for.

It’s funny how that works.

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