Our Simple Message for the FDA on Friday

We’re headed into the lion’s lair.

We’re doing what needs to be done… whether we like it or not.

That means, we’re headed to Washington.

On Friday, we’ll put on a suit, gather our notes and drive to the FDA’s headquarters.

That’s where they’ll put a microphone in front of our face and we’ll testify to a panel of decision-makers.

The topic fascinates us.

It’s filled with hope and opportunity… riddled with lies and half-truths… and even has a heaping dose of government scandal and propaganda.

We’re headed to the nation’s capital to share our research and views on cannabis.

Yes, the stuff that fueled the war on drugs… the lonely common thread between hippies and drug lords… and the stuff that’s all the rage for investors looking to make a quick buck.

Our journey to comprehend the subject has been winding and long.

We’ve met some smart folks along the way, learned a thing or two about our health and – the reason we’re headed inside the Beltway – realized just how badly the government has bungled this situation.

It’s a touchy subject.

So our message to the panel on Friday will be simple.

Get the hell out of the way.

Familiar Territory

We recently went on camera to talk about the future of cannabis in this country.

It’s going to be big.

But here’s the thing… It’s not because of what most folks think.

Sure, the “recreational” market will be important. Lots of folks are getting high, and lots of folks will make money from it.

We liken the trend to alcohol. The two aren’t all that different.

There will be marijuana snobs… just like we have wine snobs.

There will be cheap, lowbrow weed… just like we have cheap, lowbrow liquor.

And there will be folks who ruin their lives from the stuff… just as so many folks have done with alcohol.

But how many folks do you know who got rich from selling alcohol? There are not a lot.

It’s because the sector is highly regulated and the industry has become very powerful in Washington. Just a handful of folks are “allowed” in on the game.

We fear a similar trend is growing within the cannabis space.

It’s why we’re headed to Washington to share our oh-so-unique views on Liberty.

But, really, we don’t care whether folks get high or not. It’s not for us.

Instead, we’re going to speak our mind on the healthy side of things.

In the clearest of terms… this country should be disgraced by what we don’t know about cannabis.

And it all starts with those dopes in D.C.

Nature Wins… Again

We recently heard from a doctor from Penn State. He’s making big discoveries as he studies how cannabis affects different forms of cancer.

He’s made huge strides in proving a vital link between the plant and the destruction of colon cancer cells.

But he admits his research is decades behind where it could or should be.

That’s because the government – with its hazy, near-sighted vision – has made it very difficult for researchers to study the drug.

Until recently, it’s been nearly impossible.

It’s disgusting that in a world where we can peer light-years away into space… where we can send information from one corner of the planet to the other without wires… and where we can split an atom with ease… we have no idea what in the world is inside one of nature’s most powerful plants.

We have no doubt that folks have died because of Washington’s lazy intellect on the subject.

Who knows where the medical industry would be if our lawmakers hadn’t naively launched a war on what many now believe could be a miracle.

That’s why when we’re asked to share our thoughts on Friday… we’ll keep them simple.

Get government out of the way.

It’s had its chance… and it made quite a mess of things.

Now it’s time to let researchers do what they do. Let the free market do what it does so well. And let nature triumph over man and his dumb decisions.

If you’ve got something you want us to say to the FDA on Friday, let us know. Drop us a line at mailbag@manwardpress.com.

Liberty’s about to get another win.

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