There’s Big Money to Be Made… and We Know Where to Find It

Today’s message will be short.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the event that may just be the biggest of our career.

Later today, we’ll go live with our Super Trader Rally.

Last we looked… more than 45,000 people have signed up to join us.

It’s an unprecedented turnout for an online event like this.

In a year like this one… we know why folks are lining up.

It’s simple.

Flat-out… it’s crazy out there. So much of what we’ve mused about over the last four years has come true. All our thoughts on Liberty… self-reliance… and the dangers of politics run amok… they’re jumping out of our pages and coming to life.

Just turn on the news.

Folks are scared… confused… and concerned.

But, to the surprise of many, that’s only one side of the coin.

On the other side, things are great – never been better, really. Stocks are at record highs. Profits are surging. And there’s free money flowing all over the place.

It’s all quite odd.

There are two Americas right now. And, apparently, they hate each other.

Get on the Winning Side

With a runaway market like this, folks don’t want to be stashing money in bonds or CDs.

They can’t. They’ll get steamrolled by an economy that’s eager to pave over anybody who falls behind.

That’s why tens of thousands of folks will sit down at their computers at 1 p.m. ET to listen to what we have to say about making money and how we think they can do it better.

It’s an interactive event. So they’ll ask questions. We’ll give answers. And we even plan to call up somebody who’s already put our ideas to work.

We won’t hold back.

There is big money to be made in stocks right now.

In February, for instance, we wrote up a special report and sent it to our Alpha Money Flow subscribers.

We saw surging volume in a stock that traded for less than $8… Novavax (NVAX).

It turned into one of the hottest stocks of the year, peaking at $189 in August.

One of our readers wrote us and said our advice led to her first 1,000%-plus win.

And using the system we’ll debut in just a few hours, our beta testers had a shot at gains of…

  • 115% on Alcoa in six days
  • 130% on Snap in one day
  • 267% on Baker Hughes in 13 days
  • 440% on Baker Hughes in 21 days
  • 562% on Rubicon Project in 21 days
  • 718% on Corteva in 21 days.

Clearly, there’s big money to be made.

In our real-world, real-time testing of this strategy, our long positions had an incredible 93% win rate… with average peak gains of 138%.

The bottom line is that we’ve found what we believe is the ideal way to close our eyes and ears to the headlines and invest in only the companies with the biggest potential to surge higher.

If that’s something that sounds appealing to you… please join us later today.

We’ll go live with The Super Trader Rally at 1 p.m. ET.

Click here to get all the details and get a link to the event emailed to you.

P.S. What if you’ve never invested before? You may be worried that this event isn’t for you. That’s not the case at all. We’ll go through everything from beginning to end. We will send each person who joins us today our exclusive Trading Research Starter Kit. It contains everything you need to get started – including a list of our favorite brokers, three of our favorite stock screens and four tickers you must own right away. Click here to learn more.

What are you hoping to learn from today’s big event? Send your comments and questions to

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