Capitalism Is the Ultimate Hero

Founder’s Note: Today we continue our tale of intrigue and revenge…

We left our story with the Bacardí family fleeing Cuba and Castro’s Liberty-crushing regime.

The family found refuge in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico and continued building its rum empire.

But while Bacardí was humming along, making rum and shipping it all over the world, its owners were finding it tough to let go of old grudges.

Continue reading to see how our hero Capitalism overcame all odds and remains a beacon of light and hope today.

The first time José “Pepin” Bosch – the Bacardí family descendent who ran the company through the 1960s – gained notoriety, The New York Times had outed his plot to bomb Cuba’s oil refineries and create a national blackout.

The paper caught word of the story, tracked it down and even printed pictures of the surplus American B-26 Marauder Bosch had bought in an effort to pull off the attack. After that, he took to more subversive tactics. He called the mob.

More than 30 years after the fact, the CIA revealed plans that detailed how Bosch would provide nearly all the cash the Mafia demanded to kill Fidel Castro, his brother and Che Guevara, the guerilla leader and prominent proponent of communism.

The plan was nuts. In the 702-page dossier penned by the CIA – dubbed the “Family Jewels” – we learn the nation’s top spy agency – funded largely by Bosch – worked with top mobsters in Chicago to devise a plan to kill Cuba’s dictator.

The CIA, not wanting to get caught, used Bacardí as its cover-up. It informed its mob elements that its services were being obtained by a multinational business that suffered “heavy financial losses in Cuba as a result of Castro’s action.” Sound familiar?

But instead of using guns or explosives, the Mafia boss running the show, Sam Gold, decided to poison Castro.

The Mafia demanded the services of Castro’s close friend… who happened to be in debt to the crime syndicate.

It’s proof that Capitalism doesn’t always play nice – but it’s more proof not only that money goes where money is treated best… but also that debt is never your friend.

Government Screws It All Up

In the end, the only thing that kept Castro alive and kept Capitalism from getting its just desserts was perhaps the strongest force of them all… bombs dropping from the sky.

The CIA quietly ditched its assassination plans shortly after its disgraced Bay of Pigs invasion.

The aftermath of the disastrous battle is still being worked out even decades after the soldiers left town, but we already know the victor.

Our old pal Capitalism always wins.

Bacardí rum is flowing freely. Prohibition has come and gone. The Castro regime has lost its grip on Cuba. And soon enough, Capitalism will have its visa restored on the island.

Our Hero… the Ultimate Winner

We can think of no story that better shows the robust power and timeless tenacity of the free markets.

The story of rum and how it first conquered the world and then conquered adversity perfectly illustrates why we believe so wholeheartedly in the power of our hero.

It’s why we stake on it our money… our health… and even the fate of our family.

By understanding that money always goes where money is treated best, we have powerful Know-How that makes investing intensely easier. It makes nearly every choice we make much easier.

Our hero is powerful. And although many will try, it cannot be replaced.

It’s just like that sailor proclaimed in that small, smoky barroom, “¡Cuba libre!”

But as Cuba is still climbing the tall wall of freedom, we’ll take it one step further.

We’ll raise our glass of sweet rum and proclaim, “¡Market libre!” Let the free markets reign… let our hero Capitalism shine its light across a shadowy world.

It’s our only hope if we want to reach true Liberty.

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