What Gillette’s New Ad Gets Wrong About Men

A Note From Andy: Oh boy… I initially sat down to write something entirely different this morning. But then I got word of the topic below. It’s too big and too important not to tackle. It’s controversial, and, yes, many readers won’t agree. But it’s vital we get the word out. If you agree that something has gone wrong, I ask you to please share this message on Facebook. It’s the only way we’re going to spread our message and erase the cultural damage that’s being done.

There’s a new video blowing up the internet.

It proves that the inmates are now running the asylum.

We’re in trouble.

Like most videos that make it onto the evening news, it’s entertaining. It’s slick. And it’s filled with lies.

For more than a generation, the razor maker Gillette had a simple, iconic tag line: The Best a Man Can Get.

But with this new video, it’s ditched it.

As so many are wont to do, it’s using feel-good messaging and a distorted view of reality to put a few extra bucks in its pocket.

The new video hitches its wagon to the headline-grabbing #MeToo movement.

The ad doesn’t sell a product. Instead, it signals a false virtue by asking a dangerous question.

“Is this the best a man can get?”

Welcome to America in 2019

On the surface, the video is emotional and engaging.

It shows boys doing bad things – bullying, harassing, fighting. You know… all the things every boy does – all the stereotypes.

Where the video fails and, we say, where it makes an ass of itself is how it portrays all boys to act this way. It’s no different from saying all folks of a certain race, religion or nationality do something.

It’s hypocrisy at its ignorant finest.

But we get how this ad came about.

It’s the product of so much of what we’ve written about.

It’s the result of what many say is a generation gone bad.

We disagree with that “logic of least resistance.”

Instead, we say the ad is the result of a generation that’s been led astray.

For the first time ever, like we said, the inmates are running the nuthouse.

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The Seeds We Sow

You see, Gillette probably went to some high-end ad agency for help with this campaign. The ad agency probably tapped the brain of a young and eager kid fresh out of our nation’s oh-so-skewed system of higher education.

He likely just wrapped up his studies in classes like these (all are real courses):

  • Science After Feminism (Princeton)
  • We’re All A Little Crazy: Gender, Madness, & Popular Culture (Indiana University)
  • Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music (University of Michigan)
  • Medieval Sexuality (Northwestern University).

After four years of that sort of indoctrination, the poor boy doesn’t know any better.

And besides, if the stats are telling the truth these days, he probably didn’t have an old man at home to teach him any different.

Even if he did, there’s a growing chance his dad never taught him how to spin a wrench… how to thank an animal he just killed… or how to really treat a girl (or any human).

Again, it’s not the kid’s fault.

He’s merely the result of so many inputs.

The person behind the Gillette ad doesn’t know that the message he created is not only wrong but also ignorant, hypocritical and dangerous.

He knows only what he’s been taught… what he’s seen from others.

After being raised by a screen, he doesn’t know that sometimes a man needs to fight.

If they didn’t, America would look a hell of a lot different.

And after being educated by folks with a stiff agenda, he doesn’t realize that the vast majority of men have never raped anybody, have never touched somebody inappropriately and have never whistled at a girl as she walked down the street (a recurring theme in Gillette’s video).

No… he doesn’t realize that most men are good… that they build great things… and that they are wonderful friends.

Nope… he doesn’t understand that the problem with the folks in the Gillette video isn’t that they’re men.

The problem is that they are jerks.

And last we checked… that’s a trait certainly not monopolized by folks with an Y chromosome.

Fixing It

You surely know that we’re not one to stand back and merely gripe.

That’s why we propose something new.

Forget this boy against girl stuff. Forget the lying and the twisting of words for a political agenda. And forget the pointing fingers and blaming others.

How about this?

How about not being a jerk?

Forget #MeToo.

Let’s replace it with something smarter and much more productive…


This video that Gillette’s using to sell razors has nothing to do with gender, sexual orientation or race, as so many folks want it to be.

The world doesn’t have too many men.

That’s dumb.

We’ve got too many jerks. We have too many folks who have given up on having good morals and a bright, shining, guiding star to follow.

For us, of course, the answer comes in the form of our Triad.

It’s not the TV that will teach us what’s right and what’s wrong. And it’s not the government that will lead us to a happy, successful life.


It’s our Liberty, our Know-How and our Connections.

Lose them… and you get a lousy commercial from a desperate razor company.

Don’t be a jerk.

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