America’s Enemies Are Keeping Madmen in Power

Living in the bush, we heard all sorts of survival tricks.

Who knew they’d someday keep us safe and sound in the much more dangerous world of politics and finance?

Our favorite trick had to do with wolves.

In the wilderness, wolves are a top enemy. They’re smart, cunning and relentless.

But the natives swore you could kill them with a simple ruse.

Take a knife and dip it into some animal blood. As it freezes, roll it into some more blood… and then more… and more.

Eventually, you’ll have a blood Popsicle with a razor-sharp knife at its core.

The theory goes – at least according to the folks who taught us the trick – that an aggressive wolf will smell the blood and come in for a lick.

He’ll lick and lick until his tongue goes numb from the cold.

It ensures he’ll never feel even a tinge of pain as his tongue gets sliced by the blade.

He’ll never realize the blood he’s licking is his own.

Eventually, the theory goes, he’ll bleed out.

Mmmm… a Popsicle

We have our doubts about the idea. But we can’t help but lean on the analogy as we raise our head up and look around the world today.

We see lots of folks – an entire country, even – licking a sharp knife with no clue of what they’re really eating.

As the nation blindly stared at a football game that was effectively neutered by the politically correct crowd, most folks had no idea their tongues had gone numb.

Lick, lick… as they debated whether anybody would take a knee during the anthem.

Lick, lick… as they griped about how boring the halftime show was.

Lick, lick… as they celebrated the victor of grown men who can throw a ball real far.

And lick, lick… as they turned off the TV and went to bed with their brains overstuffed with mindless stimuli.

Meanwhile, the knife is sharp and cutting into the tongue… For at the very same time so many folks bowed to the glowing idol at the center of their living room, the madmen of the world were up to no good.

Most folks have no idea.

You’ve probably heard bits and pieces of what’s going on in Venezuela. Most news outlets have mentioned it briefly – somewhere between their coverage of last week’s polar vortex and the intricacies of global warming.

But you probably didn’t hear just how America’s enemies are lining up to ensure evil stays in power.

Fight for Gold

Ever since Nicolás Maduro was voted out of power last month, the world’s monitor of such things has seen massive movements in the underground gold market.

Take, for example, solid reports of a huge Boeing 777 that landed in Caracas last week.

The plane – which is owned by a Russian airline – came straight from Moscow.

It’s quite unusual – the first time it’s ever made the flight.

And what was really odd was that even though the plane boasts room for some 400 folks… it made the long trip with only two crew members onboard.

Most folks don’t care. They’re too concerned with Brady’s passer rating.

But for anybody whose tongue isn’t frozen and bloody, what’s happening is obvious.

Venezuela’s madmen are quietly sending their gold overseas. They’re trading the people’s wealth for their own security.

In this case, it’s believed that Maduro and his crew are sending gold to anybody who will trade it for cash.

Some reports say some 20 tons of gold have already been shipped overseas. Other reports say 15 tons are soon headed to the United Arab Emirates.

The real numbers are likely even higher.

We’ll never know.

What’s important for folks to understand (if they dare) is who is helping Maduro get away with his crimes.

Russia is to blame. Its plane taxiing across a private tarmac is an obvious giveaway.

China’s in on the action, too. It’s lent a bunch of money to the Venezuelan government. It certainly doesn’t want Washington’s meddling in the country to prevent it from getting its money back.

Turkey may be in on the game, too. Knowing huge loads of Venezuelan gold have flowed into the country in the past, Washington is keeping a close eye on it.

And with fresh rumors that much of that gold will be eventually flowing into Iran, it should come as no surprise to anybody who’s not licking that bloody knife that Trump is once again skeptical of what’s happening in Iran.

But nobody will believe him… at least not most of the folks talking about the latest Doritos commercial.

Pay Attention

With fresh sanctions weighing heavy on his economy, Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, lashed out at Washington and its yearning to intervene.

“The Americans are basically against all popular revolutions and independent countries and seek world hegemony by suppressing them,” said Rouhani on Saturday.

We disagree.

Rouhani’s got it all wrong.

Americans aren’t against what’s happening in Venezuela.

Oh no.

They’re against boring halftime shows…

They’re against beer with corn syrup in it…

And they’re against anything that may offend anyone… or anything.

But they’re certainly not against Maduro stealing gold and shipping it overseas. And they’re certainly not against the “revolution” in Venezuela.


They have no idea what’s happening.

Their tongues are too numb.

And it’s killing them.

Know-How, we beg readers to understand, is the only thing that will keep our nation from bleeding to death.

Please don’t lick the knife.

The wolves are eager to attack.

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