Thoughts on Pot, Survival Tactics and Our Ultimate Intent With Manward

We spent the weekend at high altitude in the mountains of Colorado.

As we approached our 10,000-foot summit, it wasn’t tree branches hitting us in the head… it was snowballs.

We hiked a trail that we’d never been on. It was gorgeous.

Hiking always teaches us things. In this case, we explored a new part of the Earth – with 60-foot waterfalls, steep canyon slopes and a river that seemed overly anxious to introduce its freshly melted snow to the ocean.

But as we gasped for air in the high altitude, we were also reminded that success in life means pushing ourselves… hard.

One more step…

And then one more…

For a man who spends his life at sea level, breathing at 10,000 feet doesn’t come all that naturally.

To reach our peak, we dared not concentrate on the terrain that lay miles ahead. That’d be trouble.

Instead, we focused only on where we’d make our next step.

It worked. The views at the top were gorgeous.

As we twist into one of our oh-so-popular question-and-answer columns, we keep that idea in mind. Climbing higher often means wearing ourselves out.

Here’s what we mean…

Glad to read most of your stuff. However, every time I look at the Connections section, I say to myself… Where’s the real connection… Where can I go to meet other men of like mind who want to accomplish projects and do things that require more than one man? Your words are great… But isn’t it time for action not words?

I’m busy as hell trying to position myself for an economic s*** storm that seems to be just over the horizon, but maybe I can help if you can see a way to make your site a true real life connecting place. 

Lots of men have skills and would like to share their experiences… Skills… Help boys be men… Show by example… Feel those good feelings of accomplishment… Comradeship… Friendship. Your thoughts??? – C. K.

Ahhh, what a question… and what a man. Reader C.K. gets it. He knows we can’t do this alone.

He gets that Connections aren’t an idea on paper… they’re real-world relationships. Just as electricity would be useless if it were explored only in theory, our relationships must be real.

They, too, must shock us.

This is the ultimate intent of this passion project of ours… to truly bring like-minded men together.

Obviously, we’re still in the early phases. We’re only a few months old.

But if you want to be part of the group that makes it happen – if you, too, think the way your dear editor and C.K. do – drop a line to and give us your nod. Feel free to share a special skill or what it is that you can bring to other men.

We’ll see what we can pull together… one step at a time.

I opened the email about cellphones, and there was a link to a 30-second fix to the problem. No matter how many times I tried to download the fix, all I got was a windbag video that went on and on and on. Is there a way around that stupid video to just get the fix? – T.K.

Hmmpph… nobody has ever called us a windbag before. We’ve been a staunch believer in the idea that we’ve been given two ears and just one mouth for a reason.

But we won’t let our feelings get hurt. We know what we do isn’t for everyone.

So if you’d rather read our presentation, that’s fine with us. Click here to read it.

A roll of toilet paper in a coffee can with a lid soaked in petroleum jelly works good also.

Thanks for all the survival tips. – J.H.

J.H. is responding to our recent Crow about keeping a petroleum jelly-soaked cotton ball in your survival bag. We’ve never tried the coffee can/toilet paper method, but surely it works. Petroleum jelly is a must-have in any good survival kit. It has many lifesaving uses. It also makes a surprisingly good sunscreen.

Is it possible to receive the Manward survival guide in a gift form as a book? To buy multiple copies and give to clients along with my personal recommendation to your letter, which, by the way, is flat awesome. – P.M.

Glad you like the guide… it took a lot of time to put together. As of right now, The Manward Guidebook is available only to subscribers of Manward Letter our monthly print newsletter. It’s simply a matter of quantity.

We don’t have many guides printed right now.

This little passion project of ours is booming faster than we ever could have imagined. If demand is there, we’ll print more copies of the guide. But for now, we’ve reserved what we have for subscribers.

If there is a “pot” stock out there that meets your criteria, will you recommend it? – H.K.

No. With a career in law enforcement, we’d be a hypocrite to turn around and recommend a pot stock. It’s not that we don’t think the industry is a good investment. It’s just that we’d feel a whole lot better about ourselves if somebody else did the recommending.

Like we wrote at the top, we just got back from Colorado. Weed is a big business there. It’s obviously selling quite well. It was everywhere.

If we come across a “pot” recommendation from a colleague we trust, we’ll pass it along.

Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with such things?

Keep the questions and comments coming. Drop us a line at

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