Your Three-Step Survival Plan for Third World USA

We received a lot of feedback on Monday’s essay detailing our recent drive through what we’ve dubbed “Third World America.”

One reader clapped us on the back, saying, “Best one you’ve ever done!”

Another – a pastor, in fact – paid us this high compliment:

True strength lies in the ability to walk away from a situation without demonstrating the skill set that makes us seriously lethal. Young men need to learn that macho is irresponsible and that restraint takes real strength. You could have aggravated the situation, but instead you avoided a no-win situation. You demonstrated true manhood.

And yet another reader suggested that the U.S. could start to tackle the issue with better funding for education and health.

It’s a nice idea. But the problem is too far-reaching – and our keepers too inept – to ever make a dent.

It’s why Manward preaches self-reliance.

Every man must know his enemy.

He must understand the threats around him and must have the Know-How to defeat them.

America is on a path of moral, economic and political destruction. With a year of disgusting rhetoric nearly behind us, riots in our streets, crumbling roads and bridges, and an economy on life support… our decline is clear.

Third World America is spreading.

To understand why, you must have a firm grasp of history.

The term “Third World” was first published on August 14, 1952, in an article by French historian Alfred Sauvy. The phrase wasn’t used the way it is today. Instead, it was a throwback to the 18th-century idea of France’s Third Estate – the nation’s commoners who fought the power of the clergy and the nobles (the First and Second Estates).

Third World countries, at least the way Sauvy intended it, were those countries that were outside the two major powers of the 1950s. They weren’t aligned with the Soviet bloc or the NATO bloc.

These untethered countries were often poor, undeveloped and disconnected from the rest of the world. That’s why Sauvy linked them to the commoners of the Third Estate.

It’s much like we’re seeing in the States today.

A Dirty, Dangerous Brew

We’re becoming dangerously disconnected.

Our streets are filled with rage. Over the last year, in cities across the nation, the night sky was lit by the rage that’s spewing toward police. Authority is on its way out.

As our culture falls, so do our taxes… and yet deficits are on the rise.

Clearly, the nobility has taken our money and squandered it. The king is broke and desperate.

Meanwhile, roads and bridges are crumbling. The very thing we entrust to our government has fallen apart.

In Detroit, the water turned poisonous. In Baltimore, the centuries-old sewer system is so decrepit, new sections are failing every day… creating sinkholes the size of semis.

Across the nation, 1 out of 9 bridges (that’s more than 66,000 of them) is considered “structurally deficient.” The king has no way of paying for them… except by borrowing more money from the commoners.

It’s no wonder Americans are angry. It’s no wonder a man as politically wild as Donald Trump has climbed to the top of the political stage.

He represents the commoners. He represents the Third Estate.


What’s happening in America ties to two elements of our Triad… Liberty and Know-How.

Our Liberty is under attack. As its obligations grow, the government grows more and more desperate. The commoners feel it. They feel the claws of nobility gripping their necks.

To defeat what’s happening, you must have Know-How.

You need the skills to survive.

Start by not conforming to the plan.

Governments thrive when their constituency is dependent. Therefore, you must live independently. You must be able to survive on your own.

That means financial liberty must be the first step in your Third World America survival plan.

An independent life also means you can live outside the banking system. You don’t need to stash all your cash at home. But you should have enough on hand to keep you safe when things go bad.

You must eat. But most men depend on somebody else for their food. An independent life means the ability to thrive without a trip to the grocery store. Thanks to our family’s small farm, we’ve got enough food on the property to survive at least a year.

Without the acreage, you can start by getting enough cans of soup to survive for a week.

Finally, have an escape plan (this is especially true if you live in a large city). When Baltimore erupted in 2016, countless folks were trapped in their homes. And this year in Charlotte, the protestors did their best to block the city’s highways. Being at the mercy of rioters and looters is part of no survival plan.

Have a place to go. And make sure each member of your family can get there.

What’s happening in America is nothing new to men who have studied history. To those who understand the past, the future is quite predictable.

Alfred Sauvy knew what happens when cultures divide. He knew it would lead to trouble.

Third World USA will continue to spread.

Make sure you and your family are prepared.

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