Speculation Is the Soul of Our Economy

If you’ve never invested before or if you’re simply unsure whether you’re doing it right, this may be the most important email you ever read.

Nearly every day, we open our mailbag and see the same note from a reader.

The sender is different, but the question is the same.

He wants to start investing… but doesn’t know how.

As we’ve said before, having the Know-How to find a healthy stock, make a trade and take profits is critical.

That’s why I want to introduce you to somebody.

He’s one of our most valuable Connections.

But before we tell you the incredible thing he’s doing (it’s perfect for investors who are too scared to make their first move), let us remind you that it’s not just the ability to make a buck that should have you eager to invest.

Capitalist’s Delight

Greed is part of the equation, to be sure. We all like to make money.

But there’s something much deeper to the idea.

It gets to the core of what we dove into here and here.

The ability to speculate – putting your money where you think it will be treated best – is what makes a capitalist society work.

If you think Company A has a good product that’s going to sell well, the free market capitalist in you should be yearning to support it.

It’s the soul of our economy and, dare we say it, our democracy.

Too many folks want to slash the notion. Just as we saw on Capitol Hill last week, they want to hack away at the free markets until the government and its chosen cronies are in charge of everything.

That’s why it’s vital you exercise your right to speculate.

But as we said… many readers don’t know how to get started.

We’ve certainly done a lot on the subject. We’ve spent the last 15 years or so spreading the word about the opportunities in the stock market.

Along the way… we met Marc Lichtenfeld.

He is our good friend and former colleague from our days as Editor-in-Chief at The Oxford Club.

Nobody does more to introduce new folks to the realm of investing than Marc.

Every year, he takes time out of his schedule to teach young kids in New York how to invest.

He often speaks to audiences about how to get their kids and grandkids involved in stocks.

And both of his books have been deemed Book of the Year by the Institute for Financial Literacy.

Guaranteed to Win

Marc has always been quite bold with his work.

We remember about two years ago when one of his reports came across our desk. It was long and detailed… and it had a crazy conclusion.

Marc guaranteed the play he wrote about would soar by at least 519%.

It was an unheard-of move, but he insisted in leaving in the guarantee.

In the end, though, it didn’t matter.

His play on AbbVie went on to soar 2,381% in just 10 months.

One reader wrote in to say he made $1.3 million on the recommendation.

Again… that’s the power of speculation.

It’s why, when Marc sent us a note recently that said he’s making another huge guarantee, we thought it was the perfect way to introduce novice investors to the idea of speculation.

What better way to make a first trade… than to do it with a stock that Marc personally guarantees will surge?

In this case, though, he’s not looking at another biotech.

Marc has his finger on a fintech stock. It’s a key player in a sector we detailed in the latest issue of Manward Letter. The industry is hot and moving fast.

The stock Marc is looking at is on the verge of capturing $642 BILLION in a brand-new revenue stream.

And there’s a coming catalyst slated for April 24 (that’s next week!) that could catapult the company to the moon.

He’s so confident in what’s ahead that he’s guaranteeing folks who follow his recommendation will have the chance to experience 859% gains in the next year.

If you’ve never invested before… if you’re looking for a hot tip that one of the best investors we know of is willing to guarantee… check it out.

Marc has all the details at this link.

Click here.

Live Free Invest or Die

As we said, the ability to invest is critical Know-How.

Without it, our capitalist, free market economy would fail.

The individual’s ability to buy what he wants and invest in what he thinks will win is the grease that keeps our system running.

Lots of folks would love to take that freedom away.

The rich are too rich, they say.

We disagree.

The rich are rich… because they understand the value of speculation.

Now it’s your turn.

If you want to speculate… and have a guarantee behind it… now’s your chance.

Click here to see what Marc is up to now.

P.S. Marc is not messing around with this guarantee. He’s putting $5.5 million on the line… personally guaranteeing this play could make you at least 859%. If you’re skeptical, we can’t blame you. But once you watch this video… your doubts will disappear. Click here now.

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