Escape This Trap to Become Happier, Healthier and Wealthier

Why are so many folks not as wealthy as they’d like to be?

Why aren’t they fitter and healthier?

And why are so many folks angry, sad or depressed?

The more we explore the ideas behind this little venture of ours, the more we realize it’s likely not their fault.

They’ve been duped – tricked by a modern culture that thrives on a heaping dose of misery.

After all, Big Pharma can’t sell pills if folks aren’t unhealthy and sad.

The government can’t grow if folks aren’t dependent on the state.

And Amazon can’t survive if you’re satisfied with what you’ve got.

Understanding this concept – and how it’s used against us – is the No. 1 ingredient to becoming happier, healthier and wealthier.

It all starts with knowing exactly how you’re being manipulated.

It’s critical Know-How.

Get Your Sippy, Son

Take, for instance, some news from Starbucks. The iconic coffeehouse recently unveiled its version of a sippy cup… for adults.

It’s bad enough that kids don’t want to leave their mom’s basement when they turn 30. Now they’re strolling to the local coffee shop to suck on something we’d expect to see in a 2-year-old’s mouth.

The new lids are supposed to solve a problem. The world is littered with plastic.

And according to what we can only guess is a savvy team of marketers, the best way for corporate America to convince you that it’s doing its part… is to ban plastic drinking straws.

Many jurisdictions have flat-out made them illegal.

These new “sippy cups” are Starbucks’ response to the trend.

But here’s where Know-How comes in. This is where you must understand that this move has nothing to do with saving the planet or keeping waste out of a landfill.

You see, Starbucks isn’t getting rid of plastic.

Not at all.

These new “sippies” are actually bigger than the lids they are replacing. They’re larger because they need to give cold-coffee drinkers a better perch for their lips now that straws – the enemy of nonthinkers around the country – are outlawed in so many spots.

To be clear, the company won’t be eliminating the plastic it serves its drinks in… or that envelops the food it hands customers… or that lines the cans that all this junk gets tossed into.

In fact, removing the straw reduces the amount of overall plastic in the company’s massive 31-ounce “Trenta” cups by just a percentage point or two.

It proves this isn’t a move to save the environment… It’s a move to sell you another cup of the company’s high-margin coffee.

It Gets Worse

To prove the point even further, all we have to do is look up.

Several of the nation’s airlines got all sorts of free publicity last year when they announced they ditched plastic straws.

It’s pretty silly… given the fact that the domestic airline industry burns 18 billion gallons of fuel each year and the contrails the planes leave in the sky are quickly becoming a major concern of climate scientists across the world.

You won’t hear that on the news tonight… but we bet you’ll hear of the angelic 16-year-old Girl Scout whose letter helped convince Alaska Airlines to drop straws.

This stuff is crazy. But it works.

Dozens of governments of all sizes have now outlawed plastic drinking straws.

A Crisis

Too many folks have allowed the mainstream press and savvy marketers to warp their sense of reality.

It’s a crisis of Know-How… and it’s keeping folks poor, making them unhealthy and driving them into depression.

It’s not just straws we’re talking about.

Of course not.

This trend affects our stock market… where folks read the headlines in The Washington Post and sell away their life savings.

It affects our health… where we blindly swallow a handful of pills (and the marketing campaigns behind them).

And it affects our happiness and well-being… as a nation of manipulated voters spits upon their neighbors – and far worse these days – because of who they voted for.

The idea shows just how critical our mission has become.

Like we said, it’s a crisis of Know-How. And it’s killing us.

But this trap is easy to get out of.

Simply know that our enemy hates the truth – and it’s our job to find it.

Once we do… we’re free.

And it feels good.

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