Readers React to America’s College Crisis

Ohhh… This is good.

Too good not to share.

The nation’s obsession with last week’s revealing tales of bribed college admissions officials… faked test scores… and privilege for the privileged keeps getting better.

“They’re blowing this whole thing out of proportion,” said the latest “celebrity” pulled into the mess. “I believe everyone has a right to go to college, man.”

Those oh-so-ignorant words were spoken by Malcolm Abbott, a wannabe rapper.

His parents, super-rich New Yorkers who own a large food distributor, are out on $500,000 bail… each.

They got busted paying $125,000 for fake test scores.

But the best part of all this?

Malcolm was smoking a big, fat joint while talking to the press.

College for everybody, the entitled brat says.

He must have been high.

Readers Agree

We’re not the only one with our face in our palm over this college mess.

Readers blew up our mailbag last week as we shared our thoughts on the embarrassing state of higher (see the dope above) education in the United States.

Here are some of the best notes…

Hi, Andy. Different J.H. from your nemesis here. I work in large corporate America and hope to retire soon, and I cannot wait! Your pen about college education and what it has become is spot on. The biggest problem in corporate America, currently, is that to move up you need that sheepskin! All the decision makers have one and are requiring a degree for any advancement. It’s an “I’m in the club, you need to be in too” mentality that is very hard for us old schoolers to fathom. Hard work and responsibility have been replaced by the list of participation trophies one sports. Keep on keeping on. Reader J.H.

Good stuff, J.H.

Clearly you aren’t that perpetual thorn in our editorial side whose comments we’ve published often. Your note is too cordial and contains too much common sense.

There’s not much we can add.

This pay-to-play mentality is dangerous. All it does is promote folks who know how to play the system – merits or common sense be damned.

As for the other J.H., well, it appears even his kidnapper couldn’t keep him contained.

He’s back…

Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Your total condemnation of higher education is not only foolish and blind, but just adds to the hype you condemn in the media for making such a brouhaha over this last cheating story. 

Andy, what you wrote is a pious pile of “holier than thou” baloney with no positive suggestions. Me – I would start with K-12 public education, and get kids actually ready for the sort of college I got in the late ‘60s, but Republicans don’t want to fix that either and instead are hell bent with DeVos on destroying public education. Best not get me started on that. – Our Self-Described Nemesis, J.H.

There’s our old super reader. And he’s doing just what we don’t need any more of… holding his ears and tossing a political grenade into this mess.

Politics are the problem. In fact, if you want our suggestion, get Washington out of the business of educating our kids.

Let them handle wars, walls and fights about the weather.

We don’t want our kids’ education dictated by some sticky-finger politician’s reelection promises.

It’s not the government that should be teaching our kids… It should be us.

Burning the Old… Writing the New

Yet another blow to Know-How, the resourceful middle class, the backbone of this country. For years – and currently – it’s been well known that companies look no further at resumes than the college attended. Indeed, colleges are a scam when students can sit in classes and do nothing to receive no lower than a C grade because they know it’s not the grades but the wow factor name of the college that matters.

Unfortunately, the students who want to actually learn something get ousted. The media being what it is probably will never report on that.

I remember reading a recent article about how Jack Bogle worked his way through college waiting tables for wealthy students, feeling sorry for them for their lack of knowledge.

Or a while ago watching a Columbia University alumni class presentation with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in the audience. Warren later jokingly said that some of his professors approached him after some of the classes he attended while he was a student, suggesting he take a few courses over again when he has some free time. Apparently he barely received passing grades… probably made no difference since he was probably already a multimillionaire. – Reader K.N.

We fear most folks will never understand all the power that’s packed into those last two paragraphs.

It’s more proof that if we follow the masses… we get what the masses get.

Buffett, Bogle and Gates all succeeded in life, not because they read the textbook and could scribble a few key lines of it onto an exam sheet.

No, they succeeded because they rewrote the textbook.

They followed their own course.

One more…

Just wondering if Andy went to college. Hope he’s not a hypocrite. – Reader D.K.

Yep, we went to college and eventually went to business school. We even have a few initials behind our name.

But we paid our own way.

We didn’t get in because we could throw a ball… because of our last name… or because of who our momma paid off.

We got in because we wanted to expand our Know-How.

Does that make us a hypocrite? Not under the definition we were taught.

Does it allow us to see the problems with the system? Youbetcha.

It’s ugly in there.

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