How to End the Pain Epidemic

This is insane.

It’s an epidemic that we bet affects 8 out of 10 readers… if not more.

There’s a solution to the problem. But Big Pharma and the system that answers to it have entirely screwed things up.

Fortunately, our old pal Know-How has a solution.

Chances are you are in pain.

Knee pain… back pain… joint pain… Thanks to the foods we eat, the lives we live and the diseases we get, pain is everywhere these days.

The fine folks at Big Pharma have created all sorts of concoctions to help solve the problem, but none work all that well. In fact, in one recent study, 94% of folks complained that their medicine helped to only “somewhat” relieve their pain.

Even with harsh and dangerous opioids, pain is a fierce enemy.

And what’s worse is that most of these drugs come with nasty side effects – collateral damage the industry is happy to push another pill toward.

Clearly, it doesn’t work.

A Painful System

Doing some research on the subject (it’s something we’ve recently become quite passionate about), we learn that most docs simply follow a “here, try this” approach to pain medicine.

They offer a prescription to whatever drug they think will best mask the problem.

But we say don’t blame the doctor. Most are doing their very best.

Instead, blame the system.

When quizzed about the pain epidemic, most docs these days know the solution lies in rich, individualized care. In other words, they must take the time to help their patients find the root cause of the pain and attack it at its source.

But in an “efficient,” industrialized healthcare system, the margins are too thin and doctors are not allowed to spend a large amount of time with their patients.

In fact, a study from 2013 showed that many providers are spending just eight minutes with the average patient. That’s hardly enough time for a proper greeting, let alone a full-blown diagnosis.

But with costs soaring, that’s all insurance companies will allow before a doc is forced to move on to the next invoice, er, patient.

What’s worse is that pain has become a dirty word amongst the healthcare crowd.

Thanks to the opioid crisis, folks who complain about pain are looked at skeptically – as if they’re crooks looking for a fix.

Docs are held liable for prescribing drugs to somebody who doesn’t need them… so naturally they’re going presume guilt first and leave it up to the patient to prove his innocence (in eight minutes or less).

With just a few hours of pain management coursework necessary in med school, most doctors, it seems, have more training in spotting addiction than they do in actually uncovering and treating a source of pain.

Wrap it all up and we have an epidemic of pain with nobody to blame.

The system has broken down.

But a solution is quickly becoming available.

Ending the Epidemic

As CBD has been outlawed for most of the last century, our keepers are (reluctantly) fixing their mistakes.

We’ve written a lot about CBD in recent months – including yesterday. Perhaps it’s the compound’s ability to fight pain that attracts us to it.

It has the potential to help millions of folks… and that’s sort of what this whole project of ours is about.

Research shows that CBD helps maximize the amount of anandamide – a fatty acid that’s critical in our body’s fight against pain – in our bloodstream. In fact, it appears CBD may be one of the very best ways to trigger this key pain-fighting neurotransmitter.

Even better, CBD has shown it has the ability to limit inflammation – one of the leading causes of pain – in our bodies.

Of course, your doctor has likely never talked to you about CBD.

He doesn’t have the time.

And since CBD is a nonintoxicating compound found in the outlawed cannabis plant… he wasn’t allowed to even if he wanted to.

But things have changed.

The federal government has opened its eyes. CBD is now on the market. And folks are quickly figuring out just how powerful it is.

So while your doc may not mention it during your next visit, we encourage you to explore the topic with him.

With a bit of Know-How… and increased Liberty for an all-natural healer… the pain epidemic may soon come to an end.

That’s something we should all be passionate about.


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