What Tomorrow’s Know-How Will Teach Us About Today

Oh my… how time makes us look silly.

We learn. We grow. We get richer.

As we do, we look back and see just how far we’ve come… and ponder how much further we have to go.

If we’re honest, it wasn’t that long ago when our culture believed smoking was good for us… or that we could shake the fat off our bodies… or that lobotomies cured what ailed us.

With those silly notions in mind, we can’t help but wonder if today’s truisms won’t someday look equally as dumb.

Do stocks always go up with time?

How crazy will chemotherapy seem in 50 years?

And, dare we say it, could we find that vaccines will actually make disease worse?

Nobody knows. That’s the beauty of Know-How.

It’s always evolving… always maturing… and always making us look like fools.

It’s what makes this mission of ours so much fun.

Times Have Changed

You see, we received an email from a fond Connection earlier this week. It was funny.

We’ll share part of it below.

As you’ll see, there aren’t a lot of words, but plenty of pictures – good news for a simple guy like us.

But as we chuckled at what we saw, we couldn’t help but scratch our head and wonder if this email doesn’t represent a victory.

We wondered whether those pictures represent progress… or failure.

See what we mean…

Disposing of Oil

Get rid of your oil, the handyman’s magazine tells us, by digging a hole and filling it with oil. The editors didn’t think anything of running the piece. More importantly, the readership didn’t riot. They didn’t burn down Popular Science‘s headquarters.

But times have changed.

Now we know better. Our old pal Know-how, if you will, evolved.

And there’s this one.

Keep Baby Safe

It’s an ad boasting the comfort and ease of the “safest” car bed ever made.

We’ll take two… assuming they have a full-size version we can curl up in.

Or how about this ad… oh my.

Spread Your Legs

Who hasn’t complained about leg room after a night at the show?

Yikes. Somebody would get tarred and feathered these days.

It’s a good thing Uncle Sam nixed Pontiac during his foray into the auto world in 2009. No bailout could save a company with such a salacious past.

We jest, of course.

Most folks look at those images and think we’re all grown up.

We’d never dump oil in the backyard…

Now we strap our kids into a seat that NASA surely had a part in designing…

And the back seat, well, it’s filled with kids these days.

But, alas, we haven’t grown up.

Times Have Changed… for the Worse?

It’s like we said last week. Our movie posters prove that we’re dumber than ever.


We counted a dozen guns in the poster above… about the same number as folks shot during a slow weekend in Chicago.

But that’s not our point – at least not this morning.

Our point is to celebrate the victories we have… and to count the victories yet to come.

Know-How has given us great things over the last 70 years.

We’ve got cars with air bags and brakes that won’t lock up.

We’ve got medicine that makes old-time killers seem like little more than a sneeze in the middle of the night.

We’ve got information at the tips of our fingers. We can learn like never before.

But we’ve also got bad information.

There are lots of lies out there disguised as the truth. Some of it’s malicious. But most is not.

We simply don’t know any better… at least not yet.

That’s why we are such fans of Know-How. It’s an awesome force.

If we’re going to be the best that we can be – whether it’s with our health, our wealth or even our overall happiness – we must understand that the truth today is tomorrow’s joke-riddled email.

We’re excited to see what tomorrow teaches us.

After all, each time we’re proven wrong… we learn what’s right.


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