Say Goodbye to 5% Returns With This New Way to Invest

A Note From the Founder: Manward did something big this year. In our ultimate bid to share Know-How and spread the Liberty that comes with wealth, we unveiled our high-tech investing strategy to the masses. As part of our series on being a smarter investor, we’re taking a deeper look at why embracing technology is so crucial in today’s markets.

Read on for our interview that explains how the proprietary system behind Codebreaker Profits works and why it’s so successful.

Interviewer: Andy, what’s the idea behind your new high-tech system, Codebreaker Profits?

Andy: It’s kind of crazy. Over the last two decades, technology has made exponential leaps. We have phones that know where we want to go before we tell them we want to go there. We have online shopping algorithms that know what we want before we even know we want it. And now Microsoft is using our online search data to diagnose disease before our doctors.

It’s crazy.

But even with all of that predictive ability, most investors are using virtually no technology to make their decisions.

Many are scared, timid or just plain unsure of the technology.

I don’t blame them. It’s complicated stuff.

But with so many of the folks I hear from each day barely earning 5% annually, I knew I had to create something that taps into today’s technology… but is highly usable and not scary at all.

The result is Codebreaker Profits – a trading system that uses a predictive algorithm like we see all over the internet to uncover stocks set to surge higher.

Interviewer: How does your proprietary formula work?

Andy: Just like Google’s search algorithm or even your phone’s mapping software, it’s all based on math.

Anybody with some spare time on their hands could do the math. But it would take hours upon hours to track down just a few stocks… and most of them would likely not meet my strict buying criteria.

But thanks to the computing technology that’s available in 2019, I can now hit a few buttons in my “command center” and quickly do the math on every stock on Wall Street.

Specifically, I’m looking at a few unique metrics. But the main things I’m calculating each day are called K.I. Channels. I use a math-intensive approach to quickly measure the potential of a host of stocks, which wasn’t possible until this technology was created.

Interviewer: And what exactly are these K.I. Channels, and what do they tell you?

Andy: Oh boy, now you’re prying. But that’s okay, you’re not the only one. I didn’t release this thinking my secrets would stay hidden.

In the simplest form, K.I. Channels act as mathematical guardrails. When a stock is within the guardrails, nothing really happens. It’s why 99% of stocks hardly move on any given day. Investing in these stocks almost guarantees a person will make 5% or less on his money each year.

But every day, a handful of stocks break through the guardrail. And while that sounds messy (it’s certainly not good news for car drivers), it’s actually great news for investors.

That’s because after these stocks break through, they tend to move sharply – quite sharply – in the following days. Played right, these positions can move an average of 89% per day.

Remember, we’re talking about math here. It’s reliable and predictive.

It’s the backbone for so much of today’s technology.

And it’s finally changing the way we can invest.

Interviewer: How does your strategy differ from that of quant funds, which as we know can be tripped up by unexpected events?

Andy: That’s a great question. It’s one I expected to get a lot when I put my presentation online.

Math is great. Like I said, it’s what has propelled the world forward over the last two decades.

But anybody who has a smartphone also knows how dumb it can be. We’ve all heard horror stories of folks who blindly followed their phone’s directions into a lake or even worse.

That’s because math can’t think for itself.

It’s why I don’t like quant funds.

Our phones need human intervention to get things right… just like our investments need a touch of the human brain.

We would never let a robot operate on us without a doctor standing close by. But we all know that a doctor using the aid of a robot can do things much more precisely and cleanly.

That’s the backbone of Codebreaker Profits.

It’s not all math and machines… but the math and machines certainly help this brain of mine make much better and faster decisions.

It’s crazy to think none of this was possible just a few years ago.

I’m very excited. It’s going to change the way we think about investing.

Interviewer: Thanks, Andy. Best of luck with Codebreaker Profits. I’m confident you’re onto something big.

[Note: We’re about to open the door again for new Codebreaker Profits subscribers (for a limited time). If you want a peek at my latest research on seven companies with the potential to generate daily gains of 89% or more, keep an eye on your inbox. I’ll be sending out details later today.]

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