The Hypocrisy in the Latest College Admissions Scandal

Do you hear that sound?

What is that low rumble we hear just over the horizon?

If we stand on the tips of our toes, cover our brows and squint our eyes just right, we can see it.

Oh, yes.

It’s a colorful troupe of hypocrites.

And, oh good, they’re marching our way.

They’re each carrying something. It looks like a piece of paper. Now we see… It’s a diploma.

These hypocrites think they’ve been educated.

But we beg to differ.


We couldn’t help but say “tsk, tsk” to the news we heard this week. The nation was shocked by a high-dollar cheating scandal.

Rich folks bribed, cheated and lied… all to get their kids (who were also rich) into the very best of schools.

It shows just how messed up the notion of education in America is these days. To these folks, it’s not what you know… it’s who you know and how much you paid to know them.

For a guy who’s devoted much of his professional life to spreading the nobility of true Know-How, all this news is like standing downwind of a drunk who’s peeing into the air.

We just want to cover our face and hide.

But we beg readers to understand none of this is new.

The mainstream media is going nuts with the term “privilege.”

“Privilege begets privilege,” the fools tout over and over again. The rich are using their wealth to keep the poor kids out of school, they remind us.

They’re stirring more angst amongst the classes… and make it easy for their sales teams to hock a few more Bud Light commercials.

What’s their next piece of breaking news? Will they tell us politicians are crooked, too?


The Price of Education

College has been a scam ever since Washington made its first loan in 1958. That’s when Milton Friedman – a hero of free market thinking – made the worst mistake of his life. He recommended the U.S. Treasury loan money directly to students.

He ruined it all.

That dumb idea has catapulted America’s collegiate education system into a world-class money grab.

It’s a money grab… where it’s okay to donate $5 million for a new building, with the expectation your doltish grandkid will be a “legacy.”

It’s a money grab… where it’s okay to pull the football team out of math class to parade them down the street on their way to the Fritos Bowl and bank some cash for the dean’s latest affair.

It’s a money grab… where it’s okay to push our elementary-aged kids headfirst into a billion-dollar industry that preps, polishes and postures students (at least those who can afford an entrée into such things) for the realm of “higher” education.

But let’s not think this whole mess has to do with wealth and privilege.

Oh no.

The race to the bottom equally handicaps the rich and the poor.

From affirmative action (which many say has degraded the value of a minority’s education) to admissions quotas that push the talented aside for the properly gendered, raced and religious… academia is filled with folks who got there based on their last names… not their SAT scores.

Hell, even Forrest Gump’s momma slept her son’s way into school.

Our point here is quite simple.

We don’t condone what the rich and famous have done.


Because of what they’ve done and because of the master so many like them have bowed to, a college education ain’t worth a whole lot these days.

We say as soon as that rich dad paid $6.5 million for his kid to go to college… the real value of an education went negative. We can think of a million different ways to get a better return on that kind of cash.

Look… We love Know-How. We cherish what we’ve been taught. And we wake up each morning yearning to add to it.

But if anybody thinks a college education is the best way to get it done… get marching.

There’s a herd of hypocrites taking applications.

But we can’t blame them.

They don’t know any better.

They’re a product of their education.

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