The Reason for Manward’s Biggest Hit Yet

This is it.

The chance to join us in our most ambitious project yet ends tonight.

Over the last two weeks, some 700 folks have made their move.

That means we’re letting 150 more in today… and closing the door.

Any more than that and the sort of $2.50 stock (it’s higher than that now) that we told subscribers about last week would be impossible to trade.

But as we get ready to put the lock on the door, we’re reminded that we forgot something important.

We failed to answer a vital question.

Why in the world are we doing all of this?

Why are we spending countless hours researching historic patterns, deciphering the codes behind them and then telling anybody willing to listen about what we find?

Ahhh… It’s our mission.

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know all of this started small. We simply got up each morning and wrote a note to a bunch of guys who wanted to make their lives better.

From the beginning, we focused on our Triad.

Liberty. Know-How. And Connections.

By building our knowledge… by nurturing our relationships… and by preserving our freedom, we’ve long been convinced that we’ll be happy, healthier and far more successful.

The science proves it. And this little venture of ours proves it.

Money Troubles

But we’ve been in the money game for a long time – our whole career.

Nowhere else – except maybe within the realm of healthcare – have we seen so much confusion, timidity and just plain fear.

When it comes to money, folks are rightfully afraid of making a mistake.

But that’s like going into battle and never firing a shot… for fear your bullet may miss its mark.

Instead of pulling the trigger, re-aiming when necessary and winning the battle, too many folks put on a weak set of armor and wait for the enemy to surround them.

You probably know some of these folks.

They’re stuck living on Social Security checks. They’re remortgaging their houses. And they’re telling the bank that the money is coming.

They’re lying to themselves.

They’re convinced they’re fighting the battle… but they’re not.

It’s not that they don’t want to win. It’s not that they are lazy or dumb or anything like that.

It’s because they simply don’t know any better.

That’s why we’re so eager to get up well before the sun each morning and share our thoughts.

Oh sure, you may not agree with everything we say. We wouldn’t dare have it that way.

Steel sharpens steel just as one idea turns into another.

It’s the same thing with investing.

Some of our promises are bold. Some of our logic goes against the grain.

But again… one idea turns into another.

We guarantee nobody has ever taught you to look at the realm of investing like we do.

That’s the point.

Doing Something…

Every day, we get a note from a new subscriber with questions about our strategy and our methods. They ask about trailing stops. They ask about options. And they even ask how to make their first trade.

We love it.

That’s why we do it. The long hours… the research… the outreach… It’s all worth it when we see our readers taking advantage of their Connections to expand their Know-How and ultimately boost their Liberty.

Because with wealth and the ability to dictate your own financial fortunes comes great freedom.

These folks are finally pulling the trigger. After decades of doing nothing… they’re doing something.

And they’re being rewarded handsomely for it.

Eventually, we’ll create another program and invite some folks into it. But we’re not sure when it will happen.

After all, this project comes nearly two years after our last one.

We’ll leave it open until midnight tonight.

After that, we’re locking it up and eating the key. You’ll just have to wait.

We’ve said it a lot. We’re serious about our mission.

Our latest project proves it.

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