The Real Treasure in Being Curious

We harvested honey last night.

It’s amazing what such a simple thing can do for a person.

We pulled 230 pounds of boxes, frames and combs from two of our strongest hives. Once the cappings were removed from the comb and the good stuff spun out of it, we had 9 gallons of honey.

It’s about the same color as wheat… but tastes like the finest of candy. As usual, ol’ Ma Nature knows how to do it right.

Lots of folks look at us funny when we tell them we have half a dozen hives stashed away in an upper field.

We don’t need to keep bees, they tell us.

Can’t we just buy the stuff like everybody else? Shouldn’t we be focused on what we’re really good at… like picking stocks?

We could, we suppose… if we wanted to live a miserable life.

I Wonder…

Lots of folks today – especially the younger generations – are tripping over the notion of “fulfillment.” They’re driving home from work, sitting down in front of the TV and wondering just what in the world their purpose is.

They’re bored.

We don’t know much. But we do know we aren’t on this planet just so we can talk about the latest series on Netflix… discuss the latest happenings in Washington… or wander around the grocery store plucking neatly arranged boxes of food off the shelves.

It’s no wonder so many folks are miserable these days.

They’re not curious.

Our Triad tells us we’ll never be happy, healthy or successful unless we master three simple ideas – our Liberty, our Know-How and our Connections.

It’s the Know-How that so many folks overlook.

It’s the real treasure in our hives.

We bought our first hive simply because we were curious. Beekeeping seemed interesting… and yet we knew nothing about it.

Many years later… we still don’t know much about it. We learn something every time we peek into the hive.

But that’s the point.

We’re stretching our mind. We’re exercising the deep recesses of our brain.

It feels good.

When we relax, we don’t numb ourselves to the world. That seems silly and unhealthy. Instead, we remain curious (perhaps even dangerously curious), and we explore the stuff around us.

It’s what makes us happy… or as the kids would say, fulfilled.

It’s what launched this little project of ours. Curiosity is at the heart of our mission. It’s what led us to some great discoveries and some troubling conclusions… especially in the worlds of our health and our money.

Wealth of Curiosity

A lot of our readers, of course, are curious about those topics.

That’s great. Few things are more critical to our overall well-being.

Being curious about what we’re told about our health and our wealth ensures we’re not suckered into a trap. It ensures we’re making smart decisions. And, dare we say it, it’s just plain fun.

It’s our curious nature, after all, that got us into the Wall Street game so many years ago.

And now, going back to our Triad, our expertise in the investing realm allows us to become a vital Connection for thousands of curious readers and subscribers.

It’s something we’re very proud of and something we take very seriously.

So what’s the point of this rambling message this morning?

Damned if we know.

But we’re curious to find out… and hope you are, too.

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