Mailbag: Wall Street Fears for Its Bull Market

The dogs were back last week.

And they attacked.

The pair of mutts came waltzing down the road, zigzagging from one side to the other… yipping and barking as brazenly as a pack of horny teenagers.

They knew where they were going.

Our farm is like a carnival for the wild and stupid.

They stormed in… they chased… they killed… and then they ran on to the next guy’s place.

We waited for the gunshots. But they never came.

The old man must have been sleeping.

It’s twice in six months that we had to lace up our boots and go fix the problems caused by a problem somebody else refused to fix.

It’s no good.

We’ve got coyotes… we’ve got foxes… and they’re no fun. But at least they’ve got some sense to them.

Unlike the domesticated beasts, the wild and free have enough respect to silently creep in during the dead of night, take only what they need and not destroy our hard work merely because it’s there to destroy.

It’s an apt descriptor of so much of what we pen and publish these days.

Whether it’s Joel writing about attacks on common sense… Dr. Roberts opening up the bleeding brain of the medical complex… or us writing about something silly like money… there’s always a drooling, flea-ridden beast brazenly looking to mess it all up.

With that, we naturally turn our attention to, gulp, politics.

No-Good, Flea-Ridden Wannabes

Miracle of miracles… our bid for the Oval Office appears to be one of the healthiest campaigns out there.

We didn’t get busted up on stage last week.

We didn’t have to pull any of our pals out of jail.

And we certainly aren’t worried about a dip in our poll numbers (they can only go up!).

But it’s clear that our loyal readers are starting to scratch their heads.

And it’s clear – whether the mainstream press wants to admit it or not – that Wall Street is starting to worry about a pack of dogs chasing its beloved 11-year-old bull over a cliff.

The further to the left the polling goes… the higher gold seems to surge.

Readers are starting to write in…

Well I doubt Bernie will even get close to nominated, but if he were the nominee, I think he still loses to Trump (whereas I think a moderate choice might and could and would win).

But who is elected will not change the fact this bull is long in the tooth, and there will be a strong correction and most likely after the election. I wish it were before to take the wind out of the braggart in the White House who claims he is responsible for this bull (he is not – Bush and Obama are and started it in 2009, and it is still running – Trump can only claim he and the Fed might have helped keep it going). But with the help of the Fed it will not likely reverse until after the election and no matter who gets elected they will get blamed, when in reality it is just the cycle. The bear will not care who got elected but they will get blamed and that is sad because I think a moderate democrat will get elected but only get one term after a major downturn in the economy that they get blamed for.

Just my hunch which is of course just a worthless hunch. – Reader J.H.

We included J.H.’s thoughts, not for the politics, but because they seem to represent the views of so many voters and investors these days.

There’s good news and bad news in that idea.

The good news is that markets rarely do what we the masses expect them to do. When the average guy thinks stocks are a can’t-lose venture… markets plunge. When it looks like calamity is lurking… stocks soar.

It’s the nature of the beast.

So if most folks think the bull market is going to die (a theme we’ve heard a lot over the last decade), it likely has some good days ahead.

But here’s the thing… the scary part.

Most voters also think a moderate will take the White House. Wall Street certainly hasn’t priced in the potential of a socialist in charge.

But that pricing could change – dramatically – as those assumptions change.

It’s why we’re so excited for the months ahead.

It’s job security.

With all that’s likely to happen, we’ve got lots to write about, lots to teach and lots of fast trades to make as the dogs behind the news cycle nip at the heels of our bull.

It’s why we’ve been shouting from the rooftops about taking advantage of smart ways to make quick trades.

Tell Us More

Readers are loving our recent work on options…

Hi Andy. Thank you for realizing what we needed. Your options video is just what I needed. I did not think I could ever learn but I am. So please let me know of the next video. – Reader C.P.

Very nice. Glad to help.

We heard from one reader last week who took our advice and made just her second options trade ever.

She quickly doubled her money.

But our job isn’t done…

I would like to try options. However, when I go to my TD Ameritrade account and click on the options chain I don’t understand a thing in the screen they show me – in the money, out of the money, five or six choices. Can you explain those screens to us. Thanks for your help, Andy. – Reader R. G.

We sure can help. In fact… it’s our mission.

We’ve recently filmed an entire how-to series on the subject. The first few videos are already on our YouTube channel (they’re free!), with a few more yet to come.

Watch them – in particular, this one – and you’ll have no problem making your first trade.

But if you’d like to keep things super simple… and watch as we reveal our entire award-winning investment strategy, just click here.

We’re here to help.

But we can’t help but end with this oh-so-fun note about last week’s political shuffling from Reader G.B…

Venezuela, here we come! But that is all right, because everything will be FREEEEEEEE!

Oh my. That’s not the kind of freedom any of us want.

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