The Most Valuable Asset We Can Ever Own

Our neighbor died last week.

It’s a sad story. She was young. She left behind four kids – including an 18-month-old daughter who will never remember her mom.

The cancer didn’t care.

It never does.

But we didn’t pick up the pen to put a tear in your eye. No. There’s some good news in this terrible story.

It has to do with Connections… and why they are the most valuable asset we can ever hope to own.

Community Relief

You see, this young lady didn’t die alone. She didn’t leave this life worried about her kids and who would take care of them.

She didn’t die broke… didn’t have to sell all her assets to cover Medicaid bills.

She didn’t close her eyes and leave things to the system.

No, she laid back and knew her community was there to support her.

You see, she had deep religious views. She was a Mormon. And the instant she received her fatal diagnosis, her church stepped in and appointed a sort of sponsor family.

There wasn’t any paperwork or bureaucratic process – just help when help was needed.

This second family took on a huge responsibility. It dropped its plans and dedicated its time to a family in need.

Even though its members hardly knew the dying woman, the family did what it knew was right. It followed its beliefs and supported its community.

They became great friends – creating a wonderful Connection – with a woman when she needed it the most.

It’s a very powerful story. And it’s one heck of a lesson.

It has nothing to do with religion.

One vs. Many

It’s not death that scares most folks. It’s dying.

Nobody wants to die alone.

Nobody wants to die while staring at the same sterile nursing home ceiling that so many other poor saps stared at as they took their final breaths.

And yet… that’s where we’re headed.

One of the biggest ideas on the ballot in November will surely be the idea of single-payer healthcare. It’s a dollar-focused move that serves as the end of the path this nation has been walking down for more than a generation.

As healthcare costs rose, we didn’t fix the problems. We eagerly pushed them onto the government and the lobbyists who pull the dummies’ strings.

We pushed aside our Connections and made room for the state to control how we live and how we die.

The very same folks who lie and cheat just to get our vote are in charge of the greatest gift any of us have ever been given… our lives.

It’s foolishness.

Protect What We Have

The Amish often get picked on in our society. They’re called hypocrites, religious zealots or simply uneducated hicks who haven’t kept up with the times.

But what most folks don’t understand is that it’s not modern gadgetry that the Amish are so afraid of. It’s the loss of the community that they fear the most.

It’s why they shun anything that threatens to break apart their ties.

(It’s why we recently dedicated an entire issue of Manward Letter to looking at the compelling ideas within the Amish healthcare system. After all, the Amish don’t die broke and alone.)

Just as a “modern” American puts an alarm system on his house to guard his TV, money and jewelry… the Amish put defenses around what they cherish the most.

But again, this isn’t about religion.

It doesn’t take a trip to church to show you what’s right.

No. This is about opening eyes to what’s gone wrong. And it’s about celebrating the folks who still know what’s right.

Our Connections are a vital asset. The idea is at the core of what Manward publishes… and who you hear from each week.

We say we’ve reached a crossroad in America’s pioneering journey toward Liberty.

Our culture has a grand choice to make.

We can depend on our government for our lives. Or we can depend on our friends and family.

In our polls… our Connections win every time.

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