Mailbag: The Scary Truth About Ms. Monopoly and Our Education System

Our inbox has lit up over the past two weeks.

Folks want our reaction. They’re sending us a link to a news article and waiting for us to blow our top.

They know we’ll be angry.

We are.

But we’re also quite excited. After all, what these folks sent me was so stupid… so ignorant… and so hypocritical that its very existence does far more damage to the idea than we could ever dream of.

We’re talking about a new game. It’s called Ms. Monopoly.


It serves as a bright, flashing beacon for why we do what we do.

The game is filled with half-truths… stereotypes… and the sort of gender warfare that is quickly driving the American culture into the trash can.

The thrust of the game is the outdated and disproven belief that women make less than men. To make up for it, the game has favorable rules for women… like getting paid more when they pass “Go.”

It seems more than a bit hypocritical to us.

But that’s the thing with gimmicks like this.

Whether it’s politics… sneakers… or, now, board games, the truth doesn’t matter.

We live in a culture where opinion trumps facts, where feeling good is more important than being right and where consumers buy a product not on its merits but on its politics.

That’s scary. And it’s not healthy.

Again, it’s why we do what we do. The truth must shine.

Ms. Monopoly says it’s fighting for women. But it’s a lie.

The company is fighting for money.

After all, if it really wanted to tell the truth, it would tell the world the original, blockbuster, iconic game… was created by a woman.

And we bet she got paid handsomely.

Let’s move on…

Learning Matters

We got some thoughtful, truth-filled responses to our recent piece on the state of our education system. We can’t share them all, but this note from a Connection – a doctor of some sort who’s clearly in the know – is worthy of our time.

Agreed on most points concerning overuse of student monitoring. It might be prudent to perform a meta-analysis on schools across the country with common variables like SES level [socioeconomic status], transient family behavior, etc.

That data will clearly show that cameras in classrooms is not the norm. In some public school districts, a teacher can forfeit their license for looking into a child’s backpack for a possible concealed weapon.

It also might be prudent to understand more about education in the U.S. The folks who write the standardized tests are also the ones who peddle the books and student materials.

Good. A teacher (who is an employee of the state, mind you) should get in trouble for digging through a kid’s backpack. Anybody who argues differently doesn’t understand the value of the Fourth Amendment… or the blood that was shed to make it a reality.

As for the last line, the solution is obvious. Buy books from somebody else.

The doc continues…

What is the mission? What is the goal? Are we trying to compete with other nations in math and science? Or perhaps, as in some situations, monetary reward is given to schools who perform well in the tests. Nice goal.

That said, those who really care about critical thinking, problem solving, and true cognitive development, are typically overwhelmed by demands that they keep a close eye on students and, under penalty of licensure loss, report any indication of physical abuse originating in the home. Yes, the home.

So maybe little Johnny is being watched. Maybe it might lead to serious privacy invasion.

Hopefully it will never come to that, because there are plenty of people watching the watchers. Sometimes keeping an eye is a good thing. – Reader P.R.

Thanks for the comments, P.R. They’re good fodder.

We agree with about half of those last few paragraphs. It’s true that there are some very good teachers who care very deeply about our children. And, sadly, it’s equally true that they’re being overrun by demands to become parents… not teachers.

That’s huge.

Most education must come from the home. But that’s certainly not the case these days.

As for the good news that there are people watching over the watchers… phooey.

Let us guess… Is it the same folks who sell the textbooks? Or perhaps the same folks who regulated the opioid industry?

As Joel Salatin so eloquently points out in his weekly columns, regulators have a grand reputation of failure at best… and criminal activity at worst.

Let’s Be Positive… Very Positive

Whew… we’re cranky this morning. We’ll chalk it up to passion.

Here’s some good news. There’s plenty of it in the mailbag these days.

I took your advice last week and purchased an additional 50 contracts of September $40 calls at $0.50 and sold at $1.30. Markets turn so quickly, took the profit and ran. Thanks again. Codebreaker Profits subscriber P.Y.

Very nice. This market is certainly volatile, which is why we’re doing so darn well. In fact, one of our positions has surged by more than 575%… and is still going strong.

Subscribers are having a lot of fun…

Thank you for the answer to the question on the webcast! That clears it up pretty well for me. I REALLY appreciate your clarification online!!!

My portfolio is doing well: 75% win ratio on stocks. Since I started only following your service, almost everything I have is up. – Manward Trader subscriber P.E.

Very nice. Glad we could help.

As we’ve said so often, wealth is the greatest factor in Liberty. We’re good at leading folks to it and are happy to see it pay off.


What’s That Smell?

Of course, as much as we reveal the truth in the realm of politics and education… nowhere is Know-How more important than in the world of health and healing.

We’ve made huge strides this year to expand our health-focused content. And it’s paying off.

Readers are writing in with tales of good news.

After Dr. Jain’s popular piece on an intriguing danger of mouthwash, readers sent us some tips of their own.

Hi – I add a drop of peppermint oil to my coconut oil when pulling. I also make my own mouth rinse. I start with distilled water and add mouth-friendly oils. I add clove, copaiba, frankincense, ginger, peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen. I also add baking soda and xylitol. The last addition is a product called Peri-Gum. This mixture makes my mouth taste great. Keep up the good work you do. I am all-in! – Subscriber D.C.

This note has us very excited to kick off our first-ever Manward retreat next week, with Dr. Jain and several other special guests (one is from the Secret Service).

All the guests will have minty, fresh breath.

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