Helping Those Who Need It the Most

Founder’s Note: I owe a lot to Julia Guth. This little passion project of ours would be nothing without her. As the CEO of The Oxford Club (our former employer), she gave us the tools we needed to get our project started. And when she saw the scope of what we created, she gave us the push we needed to go after it full time – no matter the disruption to her business.

That’s why when she recently asked for some help, I did not hesitate.

You see, Julia not only runs one of the biggest financial publishing firms on the planet but also started and oversees a small yet incredibly vital health clinic in one of the poorest sections of Central America.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic needs more support now than ever before. Keep reading for an urgent message from Julia.

In 2004, The Oxford Club connected with a wonderful community in the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere – Nicaragua. We helped create a model private health clinic and wellness center, The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic.

In this storm- and drought-ravaged region, uneducated, hardworking farmers and fishermen live peacefully but are impoverished, with few resources.

Most Nicaraguan families live on less than $2 a day in mud-floor, one- to two-room shacks, with storm-ravaged outdoor cooking areas. They often have contaminated wells and no modern septic system.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic has become an emergency clinic and wellness center for the entire region. It serves thousands of families each year. The locals rely on it for their healthcare, even though it’s not part of any hospital or public healthcare system. It’s a small, donor-supported nonprofit.

Even families living many miles away in the hills look to the Clinic. They have little means of accessing any modern healthcare services. And whenever a situation is critical, the Clinic goes to them with its off-road ambulance… one of the only ambulances in the entire southwestern coastal region of Nicaragua.

For such a relatively small facility, with a team of 27 professionals and a very small budget, the Clinic makes a huge impact on the community.

It offers primary care and emergency services, 24/7 medical attention, clean water, and nutritional and educational support.

Without a doubt, connecting with this Clinic to help save and better lives in the surrounding poor Nicaraguan communities is the most rewarding investment of my life.

In recent years, our Clinic team members have become even more resourceful. Frankly, they’ve had to.

The economic downturn that became a crisis in 2018 in Nicaragua has no end in sight.

Resources are drying up everywhere… Charitable giving is down… Supplies are not getting through customs… Record rainstorms and flooding are exacerbating the country’s need for clean water, secure shelter, nutritional foods and medicines.

I have been moved by our Clinic’s strength – its teamwork, positive spirit and determination. Even though many of their own families are struggling with layoffs and limited resources, our staff continues to work hard every day to provide vital services to the community.

The Clinic is 100% donor-supported. And right now, the Clinic needs your help to maintain its critical medical and pharmaceutical services for the region and stay open 24/7.

For example, with a single donation of only $85, one patient in need can be treated and stabilized in our Clinic and, if necessary, be transported to the nearest hospital by our ambulance service.

Your donation of $100 can give one Nicaraguan with diabetes access to our Diabetes Club for education, nutrition counseling, blood sugar tests, glycosylated hemoglobin tests and follow-up treatment for one year.

A $100 donation can also help with the biannual deworming of 500 school-age children.

And a donation of $200 can provide 20 poor Nicaraguan families with access to clean drinking water, helping them avoid problems commonly caused by contaminated wells: diarrhea, birth defects, cancer, typhoid and cholera.

By supporting the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic and its general health and wellness programs, you support the ambitions of the local people to get stronger.

It’s imperative we keep the Clinic flourishing…

  • We keep locals in jobs.
  • We provide education and job training.
  • We provide food, medicine, emergency healthcare and clean water.
  • We help parents get their kids to school with proper uniforms, backpacks and supplies.

Please consider joining me to support The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic. Any amount you give will help the Clinic survive and thrive for the community. Your donation will go a very long way, as you’ll see when you click on this link or on the donation link below.

And the best part is donations made between now and December 31, 2019, will be matched by The Oxford Club. That means your investment will have double the impact when you donate today!

On behalf of our Clinic team – thank you.

Your support of The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic could be one of the most rewarding investments of your life, as it has been in mine.

Thank you,

Julia Guth
Chair of the Board, The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic

Donate to the Clinic TODAY!  


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