[Mailbag] Healthy Food… Airlines… and a Few Good Books

Know-How… Connections… and Liberty. They form our beloved Triad. They are proven to be the only three things we need to live a successful, fulfilled life.

They’re all covered in the questions and answers below.

The feedback and questions we received from readers over the past few weeks have been tremendous.

Our passion project is unfolding just as we had hoped. We’re attracting a legion of aggressive readers all focused on the same goal… mastering the ideas within our Triad.

Our first question is one we see a lot. It’s a growing frustration for folks who understand there are serious flaws with our food.

OK, this is a very alarming situation. I appreciate being made aware of it. And you grow your own meat, good for you. So what about the rest of us? Not everyone is in a position to begin raising their own meat (at least maybe not right away). Could you offer some other possible solutions or things for the average Joe to look out for when buying meat now? Maybe you know what some of the channels are to avoid or which sources are less risky? Thanks. – D.C.

Great question. There are several simple solutions.

There’s no doubt raising a flock of food is not for everybody. It can be a real hassle and requires a serious investment of time and energy. If it’s not for you, we get it.

Your best choice, then, is to find somebody you trust who’s willing to raise some meat for you.

Our neighbor, for example, has a trio of Angus steers on his property. Only one of the animals is for him. He’s raising the rest for friends. They bought the animals, and pay any feed and butchering costs.

They get good grass-fed beef from somebody they trust at a great price.


Another option is to check local bulletin board sites like Craigslist. Lots of small farmers will sell livestock “on the hoof.” Call them up, inspect your purchase and arrange to get it to a local butcher shop.

The main thing is to buy local and stay out of large-scale grocers’ meat departments. As we’ve said, it’s vital that you know your neighborhood butcher.

Today’s article of big government and big business screwing over the American public is about to happen in the aviation world. If ATC is separated from the FAA, and the airlines end up controlling the skies, safety and the American people will suffer. Please write about this subject. – M.D.

Ah, geez, that’s like asking somebody the age-old trick question of if they’ve stopped beating their wife.

No matter how we answer… we’ll lose.

Our default position on privatization is positive. The more our government hands over to the private sector, the better.

It leads to more efficiency and better service… and a smaller government.

There is no doubt Trump’s proposed handover of the air traffic control system would be huge. With 300 towers and some 35,000 workers involved, it would be one of the largest privatizations in history.

Handing it directly to airlines desperate to save money would certainly raise safety concerns. It’s a problem that would have to be overcome.

But the airlines are right to complain about the system. The way we track planes in this country is embarrassingly antiquated. A modern system would save airlines and taxpayers billions of dollars each year.

The big problem, though, is that Washington has said a privatized system would automatically be deemed “too big to fail.” Plus, the FAA would still have oversight.

It’d be like giving control of UPS and FedEx to the U.S. Postal Service.

The taxpayer would still be on the hook… and government would still be in charge.

That means the debate is much ado about nothing. Nothing will change… except whose pockets are getting lined.

Reagan tried to fix the system… Clinton tried… and now Trump is trying.

We say good luck.

I enjoyed your reading list. I have some recommendations of my own.

1. Make Your Bed by Navy Admiral William H. McRaven. It’s basically a summary of nuggets for changing one’s life and maybe the world. It’s based on the training program for the U.S. Navy SEALs. It’s an excellent short read for youth and adults alike.

2. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (founder of Nike)

3. Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss – M.M.

Good stuff. One skill far too many men lack is negotiation. Thanks for the recommendation, M.M.

We have two books on our nightstand right now.

The first is Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder. It’s a fascinating point of view about a topic we’re passionate about.

It’s sad to think about the obstacles our children face today.

The second book is The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business.

We only just started reading it on Thursday, but it seems biased. The problems are real, no doubt – our industrialized food system is horrific and, frankly, dangerous.

But so far, the author’s take on the system isn’t pointing to what we think is the real problem… ignorance and complacency.

We’ll keep reading and let you know if this one ends up on our must-read list.

Andy, you write often of fishing in Alaska. I’m always looking for a fishing partner. Where do you fish these days? – R.S.

A perfectly timed question. We just strung our fly rod for a trip north. We’ll be headed back to the 49th state next month. If things work as planned, we’ll spend seven days aboard a historic boat our family recently purchased. The fish don’t stand a chance.

But when we’re not traveling, most of our fishing is done in central Pennsylvania’s iconic trout streams. Our cabin just happens to be within a long cast of the famed Spring Creek.

Keep the questions, comments and, of course, fishing spots coming. Email us at mailbag@manwardpress.com.

Be well,


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