The Odd Thing That Saved a Life

We heard a crazy fact the other day.

It proves the immense and undeniable value of our Triad.

The fact makes perfect sense. Folks with four or fewer close companions live shorter lives.

The reason makes even more sense. We live longer when we have more close friends – at least according to this study – because it often takes several folks to push us to act when something goes wrong.

We’ve all been there.

“You’re sick,” they say. “You should go to the doctor.”

“That’s not normal,” they warn. “Go get it looked at.”

We have a good friend from Alaska who is alive today because he had a pal who invited him to dinner. Right before the main course came to the table, the dinner partner noticed our friend’s speech was slurred and one side of his face was droopy.

He was having a stroke.

He had no idea.

The docs at the hospital said he’d be dead today had he waited any longer for treatment.

The Triad – Liberty, Know-How and Connections – saved his life.

But Wait… There’s More

In this case, the role of a good Connection was obvious. But we can’t overlook the power of the other two critical pieces of the Triad.

Without his dinner date’s Know-How, our friend never would have gotten his over-the-table diagnosis. And without the financial Liberty to be able to have a night out (that can’t be overlooked) or the freedom to go to the nearest healthcare provider – not a government-mandated provider – he’d be dead.

The Triad wins again.

Let’s look at another example.

This one is fresh in our mind because we just finished writing and filming an in-depth options trading class.

Most folks never make a single options trade.

That’s too bad. Options are some of the most powerful tools in the investing world and can not only protect a person’s portfolio but also lead to fast-moving opportunities to double or triple their money in short order. (Manward Trader subscribers just locked in gains of more than 185% – in less than four days – using options.)

But nobody will ever be a successful options trader without Know-How.

The need for knowledge is quite clear. It’s why we just recorded the how-to series. Teaching this powerful strategy is a core part of our mission.

But we can’t overlook the strength of our Connections and the immense role of Liberty in all of this.

Know-How doesn’t tend to do much on its own. Without somebody teaching or delivering us the appropriate instruction (in the form of a book, a video, a course… whatever), knowledge is unlikely to get transferred.

That’s why if you want to get smarter or get better at something… it pays to hang with the experts.

As for Liberty, we should all be glad our government lets us invest in such powerful wealth generators. Don’t forget, it still takes a “qualified” investor with a high net worth to get in on some of the most lucrative private deals. It’s not hard to imagine a bureaucracy that keeps the average sap from investing in oh-so-evil capital markets (perhaps all we’ll have to do is wait for the next election).

Or take our nation’s education system. This one is huge.

Your Right to Get Smart

There’s quite a case in front of the Supreme Court this week. It ties directly to the ideas within the Triad.

With a nod of its collective head, the court could decide that tax credits for school-choice scholarships are indeed constitutional – even if the scholarships ultimately enter the bank account of a religion-based program.

Liberty, Know-How and Connections are all on the line.

If the court goes one way… all three are under threat. If it goes another way… the nation’s power-wielders lose a bit of their grip.

Most folks will never think of things in these terms.

Instead, they rely on party politics. They let “red” and “blue” dictate what they support.

It’s dangerous and dumb.

By focusing on boosting our Liberty… enhancing our Know-How… and maximizing our Connections… we’ll all be happier, healthier and wealthier.

We dare you to show us any evidence to the contrary.

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