[Mailbag] Readers Poke Our Buttons Over Government

Our Liberty took a shot to the jaw this week.

Readers are begging for our take on things.

We won’t hold our tongue.

It’s sick. It’s twisted. And it’s a national disgrace.

Our government is run by a bunch of vote-addicted patsies.

But that’s nothing new.

What’s got us in such a funk anyway?

It’s pretty simple, really. Congress can’t do its job… so it’s forcing the folks who actually get up in the morning to build things, create things and put their own money on the line to do it for them.

Blame the Doers

If you didn’t see the news Wednesday, you missed quite a show.

The newly elected Congress pulled Wall Street’s CEOs onto Capitol Hill.

Somebody needs to tell the circus to pack up and get out of town… because this was the greatest show on earth.

It’s our elected officials’ way of stroking the belly of the one-eyed, flea-ridden populist dog that seems to be getting so much attention these days.

There was griping about executive pay.

There was moaning about private prisons (apparently Washington doesn’t like it when somebody else gets in on its game).

There was blame for the immigration crisis.

And, since Congress was checking off all the boxes its voters want to hear about… somebody brought up guns.

Of course, lawmakers haven’t done anything about guns out of fear of getting booted from office. But that hasn’t stopped them from trying to legislate through the nation’s private sector.

Jamie Dimon, of J.P. Morgan Chase, jumped on the grenade tossed out by the congressional committee.

When asked why his bank still does business with gun manufacturers, the quick-thinking CEO reminded lawmakers that the companies his bank works with are doing nothing illegal.

“They are the same gun manufacturers that make military equipment for the United States military and for the United States police force,” he said, “which we hold in the highest regards.”

In other words, if Congress wants his bank to stop doing business with “shady” groups… it may want to look in the mirror.

Our point here isn’t to get into guns or partisan politics… it’s to show you just how threatened our Liberty is these days.

Congress is too inept to do anything on its own, so it’s coercing the capitalist system to do its dirty work.

It’s an immense threat to our freedom, our economy and our way of life.

Let lawmakers make laws… and let companies make money.

Too often these days, the opposite is true (but we do congratulate Bernie on his million-dollar book deal).

Let’s move on before we say what’s really on our mind.


Here are a few of the latest notes from our mailbag…

I have read many articles about the hazards of fluoride. If Dr. Jain believes and can prove it is hazardous to our health, then why hasn’t that part of the medical community made an organized effort to restrict it?

I personally filter my water. The public has been brainwashed to trust the government on this issue. Reader T.D.

Good question… but you answered it on your own.

The system is designed to always allow somebody else to make the hard decisions. It’s why we have the FDA… the CDC… the NIH… the USDA… and even the Indian Health Service all in the game.

It allows everybody else to point a finger at everybody else.

It ties to the whole point of this little passion project of ours… to get folks to think for themselves.

By focusing tightly on our Liberty, Know-How and Connections, we are convinced we can lead folks to the truth – a truth that will lead to a better, happier and more fulfilled life.

The point with the fluoride story isn’t who is doing what about it… it’s what YOU are doing about it.

The chemicals added to your water are only a small part of the problem. There are plenty more things out there working to quietly poison your body and mind.

It’s up to you to find them and avoid them.

The government is too busy posing for the camera.

Andy – As a recently retired registered nurse, I just wanted to tell you I was so impressed with Nature’s Miracles. I know how important it is to rely on lifestyle and diet instead of medicine to take care of myself. I found the book well-researched and very interesting. I was familiar with a lot of the commonsense advice presented, but I still learned a lot. You clearly are very knowledgeable and I appreciate how simple and easy the advice in the book is. I’ve already started making small changes to my diet.

I’m telling anyone who will listen to check it out. Keep up the good work – I think you’re going to change lives. Reader T.H.

Thanks. The book has been a huge hit.

If you’re not familiar, T.H. is referring to the book we published earlier this year, Nature’s Miracles: 73 (New) Alternatives to Modern Medicine. You can get all the details on how to get a free copy by clicking here.

We get a lot of notes like this one, but there’s one line in particular that begs to be explored deeper.

It’s the second sentence. “I know how important it is to rely on lifestyle and diet instead of medicine to take care of myself.”

Read it closely.

“Take care of myself…”

“Rely on lifestyle and diet instead of medicine…”

It’s a perfect bull’s-eye.

Medicine is important. It saves lives.

But do we want to rely solely on it? Do we want to blindly sit back and let the doc prescribe a drug for each thing that ails us?


We’d rather rely on ourselves… someone who has our best interest in mind.

A bit of Know-How on the subject of diet and lifestyle is the very best way to do it. That’s what the book and our project are all about.

Keep sending your comments and questions. Email us at mailbag@manwardpress.com.

But please stop poking our buttons about the government.

It gets us all fired up, and we can’t control our pen.

We just pray the government doesn’t try to do it for us.

P.S. T.H.’s note above also underscores why we’ve put together our first-ever Founder’s Retreat for loyal readers. We’ve recently opened registration and would love for you to join us at what is shaping up to be a world-class gathering at an incredible destination. All the details are here. We’re limiting this first retreat to just 20 folks, so don’t hesitate to check it out.

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