Mailbag: Plunging Testosterone Levels, “Manning Up” and the Value of Hard Work

Oh my… it’s humbling to wake up each morning to a mailbag filled with messages from folks who clearly get it.

Our readership is surging with each new day (thank you!). But what’s really crazy is that so many folks are writing to us, affirming what we’re doing.

It turns out… our passion is your passion.

Of course, not everybody agrees. That would be no fun.

Almost everyone who wrote us last week about our piece on the value of hard work agreed with us. But there’s always somebody with a different point of view.

That’s where we’ll start our latest round of questions and answers… with some different views on the idea of work.

U.K. culture is different. We have two sayings from the workers:

“If work is so good, why don’t the rich keep more of it for themselves?”


“Work is the curse of the drinking classes.” It’s a play on Marx’s famous quote: “Drink is the curse of the working classes.”

In Finland, people in selected villages are being paid NOT to work. This is a social experiment to prepare for the future. Guess what? The new non-workers are extremely happy! – R.C.

Oh, we bet the folks getting paid not to work are happy… for now. But wait until they want a raise or want to get some true fulfillment out of their lives. Then things won’t be so good.

Those folks will be looking for somebody to blame.

We recommend they look in the mirror… and get a job.

Andy, thanks for a wonderful newsletter. What are the differences between your stock recommendations in Manward Letter and Manward Trader? – E.R.

Great question. Manward Trader is the best-kept secret in the Manward world… but it’s clear that word is spreading. Our subscription roster is filling up fast.

Manward Letter – our monthly subscribers-only print publication – features two portfolios. They are the Everyman Portfolio and the Own What You Know Portfolio (based on Warren Buffett’s famous and, of course, well-proven strategy). These rather conservative portfolios are designed to serve as the base of your personal wealth.

With Manward Trader, though, things are more aggressive. Our unique system is designed to track buying and selling activity – the most important factors in the market. It’s not a complex strategy, but it’s quite effective and is fairly fast-paced.

By making well-timed moves, we see many of our positions surge by 10% or more in just a few days. In fact, we recently locked in two 100% winners that took less than two weeks to mature.

You can learn about the strategy by clicking here.

I am another woman on your list. At 86 years, I am still learning what makes men tick. Have two sons, five grandsons and three sons in-law. With the divorce rate at a high level (I too am divorced), women today are not standing for the status quo. There is a need for “man-up” in relationships with women, children and society. M.H.

Oh, M.H… if we weren’t married, you’d be in trouble. You’re a woman after our own heart.

So glad to have you as a reader. We’re doing everything we can to “man up.”

I have considered getting an expandable baton in the past, and when I read your sidebar that mentioned a baton, I got to thinking about it again. My wife and I walk our dog all the time on various forest roads and sometimes have been hassled by people with their “friendly” dogs. A baton seemed a good solution for an attack. 

Going online and looking for a baton, I see there are a million of them, and I really don’t know what to look for in a good quality baton. Can you make a recommendation or tell me what to look for?

Thanks – love the newsletter and service. R.P.

There are lots of choices on the market; most of them are good. But, as always, you get what you pay for.

The best testimonial we can give is to tell you what we carry… what we trust our life to.

It’s a 21-inch ASP. It sells here for just over $100. Admittedly, an ASP can be a bit hard to close. Once it’s expanded and locked open, you have to slam it into something hard to collapse it. In the law enforcement world, it’s no big deal. But inside the home, it can create issues.

That’s why we have a 21-inch Monadnock in our nightstand. It’s a bit more expensive, but it closes with the push of a button. You can view one here.

Most of the farmers in the U.S. are using genetically modified seeds to plant in fields. These modified seeds cannot be used for the next round of cropping because they have been genetically modified not to reproduce.

It’s all part of producing insect- and disease-resistant, high-yield seeds. But what is the long-long-term effect of this? Will eating foods made of non-regenerative seeds reduce the regenerative capacity of humans, both men and women?

Does this kind of food have a connection to reduction in testosterone in men? Is there any research info on eating such food over a long range like, say, 50 to 70 years? – T.S.

These are the sorts of questions that should keep folks up at night… not politics or the latest look-at-me antics of some Hollywood snowflake.

The truth is nobody knows the long-term effects of pesticides like Roundup or lab-created seeds. There simply hasn’t been enough time for the true effects to reveal themselves.

What we do know – especially on the subject of plunging testosterone levels – is that it’s an attack with many cuts. Many environmental factors are piling up to attack the very nature of manhood.

It’s the same idea with our food. One dose of Roundup won’t kill you… but how about repeated exposure over the course of five decades?

We don’t know. But we sure do have our theories.

Keep the comments and questions coming. You can email us at

P.S. When it comes to grand, life-threatening experiments, the chemicals on our food and in our fields are just one of the issues. I’ve recently discovered an even bigger menace… one that threatens to unleash a hidden epidemic like we’ve never experienced. Click here for my full report.

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