Mailbag: A Story of Hope and Victory for the Freethinker

We have a wonderful note to share with you today.

It highlights so much of what we’ve researched, written and even banged the table about.

It proves there’s hope… if we dare to find it on our own.

It proves there’s still much to learn… but nobody is going to learn it for us.

And it proves our mission is spreading… as more and more folks are seeing what we see.

The note that follows comes from reader S.M.

It’s in response to our essay about our recent trip to the FDA (you can read that piece here).

It’s a story of hope, the wrongs of bureaucracy and independence…

I had to laugh a little when the FDA asked if you would give CBD to children. If my daughter had been sitting in that room she would have given a resounding “Yes!”

Her 4-year-old son was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in the brain, and the cancer had gotten into his spine. She really didn’t want him to have radiation treatments and, more so, chemotherapy. But, of course, she really had no choice. A refusal would have had her child removed from their home and forced treatments would be given.

Ain’t that America… the land of the free.

The government knows better than Mom and Dad.

Keep reading. This story isn’t about government control. It’s about victory for the freethinker.

Because of that she went on a rampage looking for and researching alternative medicines, and cannabis oil became her answer. How she found cannabis oil is a whole other story in itself, but suffice it to say she got some.

Her son could not keep any food down once chemo started and she was visibly watching her son waste away, and the realization she feared most was it wasn’t going to be the cancer that kills her son but the chemo.

In her research she could not find any dosage recommendations. So, she began giving him two drops in his feeding tube at night. Still vomiting. Then she went to three drops, and bingo. No more vomiting. And continued to give him three drops at night until he was deemed cancer free or NED (no evidence of disease), as they say.

Victory! Imagine the party that was thrown at that house that night.

But with every win comes a few battle scars…

Even today, she still gives him the drops. Not every day, but 2-3 days a week. Even though, to this day, Max is NED, he now gets to struggle with all the side effects the radiation and chemo caused, from impaired hearing, concentration problems, stunted growth, eyesight issues, and permanent loss of hair in some places.

She is convinced it was the cannabis oil that saved her son, or at least a combination of radiation, chemo and the oil. But without the oil, she doubts he would have survived the treatments and the disease.

Now you say, “But our article was about CBD.” True. And there is no way to know with the limited research out there if it was the CBD that helped, or just the THC, or both. The oil she used was manufactured by a guy in Colorado who was looking for something to help with the epileptic seizures his daughter was having. Which it did. But, as to the chemical breakdown of the oil, meaning the percentages of each, my daughter really doesn’t know. She just cared that it worked.

There is a lot of non-FDA research going on out there regarding cannabis oil. You just have to look.

We hope you see the lesson in this tale. CBD and the plant it comes from have been ignorantly shoved aside for the last 80 years. Research was virtually nonexistent, except for the desperate efforts of a few rebellious souls.

Even now, when the proof is piling up, the stuff remains mired in a bureaucratic mess.

What’s happened over the last few decades regarding this natural medicine is starting to look more and more like a crime scene… and it’s cordoned off by the government’s red tape.

But, alas, we all make mistakes.

President?! You Idiot…

We knew better… but we goofed. In our D-Day essay last week (which was met with rousing applause), we accidentally referred to General Eisenhower as the president.

We’ll call it a slip of the brush as we painted the big picture – a lousy mistake.

Readers let us know.

That would be President Roosevelt. Eisenhower was the supreme allied commander. Presidency would have to wait for another day.

Bet you take some heat on this one! – Reader R.W.

We did… and we should have.

Either way, the essay did its job. The heroes who swarmed that beach and jumped behind enemy lines 75 short years ago got a small bit of recognition for a monumental job.

Andy, today’s digest was by far the best and most important work you’ve written. 
Thank you for honoring our troops.
– Reader D.S.

Hmm… thanks, but we still say our love letter to Janet Yellen takes the top prize.

We’re still waiting for a reply, by the way.

Good Words

Lots of folks wrote us with their additions to our summer reading list.

Here are a few standouts:

  • The Richest Man in Babylon, by George Samuel Clason
  • Country of the Bad Wolfes, by James Carlos Blake
  • Extreme Ownership, by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
  • The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, by Daniel Ellsberg
  • The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer.

Thank you to everybody who sent a suggestion. Our nightstand is a mess.

One more, since it’s Monday.

Hey Andy, nice call on GFI! Enough of your calls have hit the 100% profit mark that I’ve adopted the following habit: Whenever I open one of your recommended trades, I set an automated sell order for half the position at whatever price comes out to a 100% gain. I thus booked profits on half my GFI position when the calls reached 100%. But I was thrilled to see the other half breach the 200% mark – where I sold half of the remaining calls! Keep ’em coming! Manward Trader Subscriber B.R.

Okay, perhaps we didn’t need to share that note… but it sure was nice.

Keep your comments, questions and, we suppose, praise coming. Drop us a line at

Note: If you’d like an inside peek at my system that generated that 200% gain, click here. It’s got quite an interesting story behind it. If you’re an investor, I think you’ll be fascinated.

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