Mailbag: Readers React to Capitalism and Facebook

Somebody told us something the other day that made us scratch our head.

“The only person who wants to turn 100,” he said, “is the 99-year-old.”

We don’t know whether it’s true. We’re not quite there yet.

But the idea has its merits.

Hitting the triple digits, after all, doesn’t look all that fun… until we ponder the alternative.

And so it is with so much in life.

What we have doesn’t sound all that great, until we think about life without it.

It’s an idea that’s all over the place in our mailbag these days.

Whether it’s men wondering where their testosterone went or folks debating the merits of capitalism, it seems we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone.

Let’s open up the mailbag, and we’ll show you what we mean.

“Let’s Fix Capitalism”

We received scores of emails about our coverage of one billionaire’s thoughts on capitalism. Despite Ray Dalio using the system to build himself quite a fortune, the uber-investor now says old man Capitalism could use a government-directed tuneup.

Readers disagreed…

I am in full agreement that the problem is the result of government trying to control capitalism rather than letting it work as it should. – Reader D.F.

In a world where a kid gets a knock on the door from the health department for opening a lemonade stand… we find D.F.’s logic tough to argue with.

Like the 99-year-old who’s desperate to hold on to all he’s got left, we wonder whether there’s any hope.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Government is very inefficient and too involved in our schools. My granddaughter is in 7th grade and is not even taught history. Schools are not giving these next generations the proper tools to be independent and successful. – Reader E.C.

Amen. These days, when every kid gets a trophy just for showing up, and the losers are treated just as good as the winners… it’s not so hard to see where this wave of socialism is coming from.

The government and its schools create the demand, and bureaucracy happily satiates it.

But it’ll never work out…

Tactfully written essay! In 1939, My dad and his family fled Nazi Germany to avoid the robbers of individual freedom, material wealth and choice to be financially secure by immigrating to America.

He worked extremely hard to master English as a second language; thus it enabled him to graduate with a masters. His mastery of ESL helped him all his life, enabled him to become successful in his career, get married and be a patriarch of five grown children, whom today enjoy their freedoms and are likewise successful in their lives.

You’re ABSOLUTELY correct. Capitalism never failed, nor did it deter my dad from pursuing his goals, nor did it lack in providing UNLIMITED opportunities to choose the desired path for hardworking Americans and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor!

In honor of Dad’s memory, his hard work definitely rubbed off positively in my life and my siblings’! – Subscriber R.V.

Good stuff. We wish more folks would look around and see whence the world came.

The hard truth is that some folks will be rich and some folks will be poor… and some folks will grow old and some will die young.

Just as we don’t suspect folks would like the government determining who lives to a ripe old age… our “leaders” shouldn’t decide who keeps how much.

What’s Wrong?

Speaking of losing something you shouldn’t have to…

All men 50 and over should have their testosterone levels measured. The ones that have low or low-normal should be started on supplemental testosterone.

I didn’t realize how low mine was, and how much better I felt when I started testosterone therapy. Should have checked a long time ago. Reader R.M, MD

Those are the words of one of the many docs who read our essays each morning. His note is in response to the piece we recently published by our good friend Dr. Phil Roberts.

Testosterone levels in this nation are falling fast.

We blame a lot of things (see here).

But here’s the thing. Most men have no idea their testosterone levels are plunging. The effects are slow-acting and, thanks to bad advice, thought to be “normal.”

All of a sudden, we are tired, fat and can’t have sex. The medical community says it’s just a natural part of aging.

But, more and more, docs are finding they’ve been wrong.

Testosterone levels are falling… and they shouldn’t be.

Just like the doc says, you must take action.

For our thoughts on the best steps to take, click here.

Social Insecurity

We revealed something quite unique last week.

We told folks about our brand-new Self Reliance Society – a private group on Facebook that’s open only to the folks we let in. (Click here to check it out and ask for your invite.)

It’s been a huge success. Folks are pounding at the door, wanting to get in.

But as we assumed and would expect (we had the same reaction at first)… a few readers are skeptical of our platform of choice.

“To see if this new group is right for you, simply click here to check it out.” And when I did, I got a window that requires me to sign in via Facebook. As one of the ever-diminishing number of people who are not now nor ever will be on Facebook, I sense a shade of discrimination in your participant selection process. Groucho Marx said it best: “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” – Subscriber Carl N.

It’s true. If you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s going to be quite tough to join a private group on Facebook.

We suppose it’s like giving away free beer in the men’s bathroom.

Some folks won’t get in.

Oh well. Welcome to reality.

We bet somebody will come along and offer some booze in the other bathroom, too.

Here’s another note.

Surely this project is accomplishable without the likes of FB. We are better than that. FB certainly has nothing to do with Liberty, it’s a for-profit spy network. Love the premise of a society/network, but it’s too much like shooting yourself in the foot when we should be screaming at this social media-rogue grizzly.

I know I’m not offering up an alternative, but, maybe consider our self-reliance worthy of a site of our own. Reader S.A.

We get it. Like we said, we had the same thoughts.

If we get enough momentum, we’ll certainly start something on our own. But for now, as S.A. mentions, we know of no better alternative.

But not all readers had the same reaction.

When we shared our plans with one anti-Facebooker, her words were simple. “Finally,” she said, “folks are using Facebook the way it’s meant to be used.”

We’re proud of what we’ve created. We’re convinced it’s already changing lives.

But as always, it’s not up to the system to do the work… It’s up to us.

It’s our job to ensure the ends justify the means.

They will. They already do.


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