Mailbag: Our Most Important Connections… and More on Mushrooms

We missed you.

The first-ever Manward Founder’s Retreat is in the books.

We hate to brag… but our time in Maine was spectacular.

What a show.

We brought out our box of surprises, and every person in the room suddenly wore a smile. We shared some Know-How and taught folks how to pick a lock.

It was thrilling to be a part of.

The exercise set the tone for the next few days.

Picking a lock proved to the crowd that it feels good to do things others can’t… that learning a useful skill builds a unique form of confidence… and, most important, it reminded folks that security is quite an illusion.

That last idea came in handy as we welcomed our second speaker to the stage – a Secret Service agent with decades in the field.

He told his tales of protecting presidents and their families, and he let us into the more shadowy side of the agency… crimes of money.

Specifically, he taught the room all the ways their money is vulnerable online and what to do about it.

Here’s a hint… cellphones are good.

Time Management

More on that later. For now, we’ve got a mailbag to attend to. It’s been overflowing while we were away.

Congrats on your first Manward Gathering! Very tempting by what you proposed however going hunting with my daughter trumps just about everything else, no offense intended.

Enjoy reading your “take” on things and your “solutions” that you bring forth to your audience through your editorials. You are a gifted writer and due to your conservative, frugal background, it is refreshing to say the least to be able to get to the point quickly and to be focused without a lot of clutter and filler content. Time is limited, and it is in short supply. Amen. – Reader C.H.

Thanks, C.H. Those are very kind words.

But we chose to include this note this morning not to make ourselves feel good, but to highlight the idea in that first line.

During the “Connections” portion of our event, we quizzed the folks in the audience for the things they cherished the most and the things they needed some help with.

Finding time for family and friends, of course, was the answer to both questions for many folks.

It’s a vital idea. Our Connections are the most important asset we own, and yet we oh so often neglect them.

Our advice? Close this message… and email a pal.

It will do you both some good.

This Is Important

In today’s article, “The Miracle Club,” you reprint a story about using mushrooms to cure cancer.

Since it did not look like you were selling anything, it would have been very informative to provide the list of mushrooms used.

While I do not currently have a need for this type of cure, I am always looking for and saving information like this for the future.

In the future when you provide stories like this, please also provide the necessary detail information so we can use this information ourselves.

In a follow-up Digest could you please provide the list of the mushrooms used? Thank you in advance. Reader P.S.

Your wish is our command. We received a slew of notes like this one. We’re very excited to see so many readers opening their eyes to natural cures.

It was a huge topic while we were in Maine this week. We had several doctors in attendance. All of them promote natural cures. Even more intriguing, though, was the chemist in the audience. He spent his career working for Big Pharma, helping to research and develop some big-money drugs.

His advice should open all of our eyes.

“I won’t take a pill today,” he said.

His insight was incredible.

But as far as those mushrooms go… you’re in luck.

Because we got a flood of folks asking for more specifics, and because we don’t have the room in this column, we will publish an entire series on mushrooms, their potential health benefits and how to take advantage of it all in Manward’s new, 100% health-focused e-letter… Practical Health Today.

It’s entirely free.

Click here to add yourself to the list and receive this vital information.

He’s Not Wrong

I enjoy all your work with the Manward Press, but this morning, while you’re enjoying your time in Maine, I read the Rooster’s Crow and the anger will not go away.

Almost any conservative will tell you that YouTube is not a democracy. If you don’t tow the left-leaning line you can be defunded, or banned for almost anything. Mark Dice and Paul Joseph Watson (both with more than a million followers) have had their videos pulled because they used the wrong word.

PragerU has very educational videos removed. Black Pigeon Speaks, another with a million-plus followers, was banned a few months ago.

There was such an uproar that YouTube had to allow him back.

Free speech of the wrong thinking is being eliminated. A rival, BitChute, is trying to gain a following, as a free speech alternative to YouTube. – Reader L.C.

Great stuff. L.C. is not wrong.

YouTube, its corporate mothership and many of its behemoth internet counterparts have had a heavy finger in who reads and who sees what.

It’s frightening.

In fact, we recently got a notice of policy violation after we showed folks before and after shots of ourself.

It turns out we could have offended somebody and their body image. Poor thing.

But, L.C., we beg you to read what you wrote: “There was such an uproar that YouTube had to allow him back.”

We shake our head at what these companies are doing, but we won’t stand in the way. It’s the free market at work. It’s the ultimate democracy, where folks vote with their dollars.

As you say, if there’s a large enough uproar – or if enough dollars suddenly go away – these companies will change their tune.

We’ll go to BitChute, sure, but why retreat from a fight that’s merely about numbers?

The more folks who spread the truth… and the larger audience they bring… the harder it is for our voice to be shut down.

We won’t turn our head and run. And we’re certainly not filtering our words.

If you haven’t yet seen what we’re up to on YouTube, click here for one of our favorite videos. And be sure to tell YouTube you’ve been there by subscribing to the channel and hitting the “thumbs-up” button on a few videos.

Keep the comments and questions coming. As was printed on the Manward literature in Maine… steel sharpens steel.

Send us an email at

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