Mailbag: Celebrating Our Latest Book and a 661% Gain

Is your hearing not what it used to be? Is it tougher to communicate these days?

For millions of Americans, the answer is “Huh, what did you say?”

That’s why we’re nodding along with the results of a no-brainer study out of Columbia University.

Just as our beloved Triad would predict, the docs behind the research showed we get sad when we can’t hear.

“It’s understandable how hearing loss could contribute to depressive symptoms,” says lead author Justin S. Golub, an assistant professor at Columbia. “People with hearing loss have trouble communicating and tend to become more socially isolated, and social isolation can lead to depression.”

We don’t think a study was necessary.

Again, the Triad tells us all we need to know.

Without our Know-How, Liberty and, in this case, our Connections, we can’t reach peak success or happiness.

Lose the ability to hear from our friends and family… and surely depression will set in.

It’s an important lesson that takes us to our mailbag this week.

It’s vital we hear from our readers.

Questions About Our New Book

I read your Manward Digest today. Your essay does not include any info on the title of your new book or where we can obtain it. Little more help please. – Reader S.L.

We got a slew of notes like this one yesterday. So we’ll cover it right at the top.

In yesterday’s essay, we said we were expecting the final nod at any minute.

Well… we got it. Our new book is finally available!

It’s called Nature’s Miracles: 73 (New) Alternatives to Modern Medicine.

The book is a natural extension of our work and represents exactly why we launched Manward Press.

We consider it a compilation of the research, insight and investigations that the mainstream press won’t divulge. For an industry that thrives on ad dollars from Big Pharma and Big Ag (we dare you to turn on the TV and not find a commercial for a new drug or food product), this sort of book would be financial suicide.

But for us… money’s not the issue. That’s why we’re giving it away for free.

The truth is what we’re after.

And it’s in our new book.

Click here to learn about the most exciting research I uncovered while writing the book and to see if one of the 150 free copies is still available.

Since we’re on the topic of reading… here’s an interesting note that hit the mailbag last week.

Andy, you repeat here a common misconception about speed-reading (similar to “High stock returns require high risk”).

There is a point in speed-reading where the rate of reading approaches the speed of the mind. As a computer programmer, I know the CPU usually spends > 90% of its time waiting for the next command. Human brains are similar, but when idle, our attention wanders and we daydream, multi-process, etc. 200-400 WPM is so slow we get bored.

Our minds process all that clutter right along with what we are reading, and we just store it all in memory. Hard to access, hard to organize, and if we were more interested in a random thought than a particular sentence, that sentence is lost.

When speed-readers get up to 10-20K WPM or more, the retention (VERY surprisingly!) goes way up and approaches 100%, because the attention remains highly focused. Crazy, but true.

Love your eclecticism. Thank you for Manward. – Reader J.M.

High reward requires high risk… now that’s certainly a misconception worth busting. Keep reading.

As for speed-reading, we agree. By focusing tightly on what we’re reading and by practicing high-speed comprehension, it’s possible to not only read a lot… but retain a whole lot more.

For our most recent essay on the topic, click here.

America’s Golden Boy?

I agree we need to get back to the dollar reboot to the gold standard sooner as opposed to later. Please keep up the good work, and try to get this to the right hands in our government that can make it happen.

The world is drowning in debt, and the sooner we can get a gold-backed dollar, the better we will all be. Thanks. – Reader P.S.

You know our thoughts on the subject… bring on the gold. But as far as getting our ideas to the right folks in Washington, we’d have better luck handing out cheeseburgers at a PETA conference.

At least then, somebody would look us in the eye.

Just about the only person we know who has the power and the guts to push such an “audacious” move is Trump.

He’s a big fan of the gold standard. Or at least he said he is.

“Bringing back the gold standard would be very hard to do, but boy, would it be wonderful,” he said just before he was elected. “We’d have a standard on which to base our money.”

But now that he’s in power and the weight of reality is on his shoulders, Trump’s tune has turned flat.

“We don’t have the gold,” he said. “Other places have the gold.”

That’s not good.

By the way… China just added another 320,000 ounces to its reserves.

It now owns 1,853 metric tons of the stuff.


A 661% Return

But it’s not all bad news in the realm of finance and economics these days. Thanks to Jay Powell doing what we said he’d do – he caved – stocks are making a comeback.

If you’ve followed the ticker tape, you’ll agree we’re sitting on quite a buying opportunity.

That was certainly the logic behind a meteoric move by one of the stocks in the Manward Trader portfolio last week.

Thanks to stock prices we haven’t seen in a year or more, merger and acquisition activity is heating up. Companies are cutting checks and buying the competition while things are cheap.

We used the pattern to lock in huge gains last week. Here’s what a few Manward Trader subscribers had to say.

Today’s return auto-sold at a 661% return!!! Thanks! – Subscriber V.R.

Bought calls at $1.95 and sold at $10.20 – gotta love it! Thanks, Andy. – Subscriber D.A.

I paid $1.25 per call for a total of $2,500. I sold them early this morning for a 960% gain at $24,000. Unbelievable; thank you!!!!!! – Subscriber D.B.

Howdy, Andy! Just quick note to tell you that your play turned $258 into $2,038! Thank you! – Subscriber S.A.

We love notes like these. It proves, as J.M. says above, that it doesn’t take high risk to earn a high reward. With this play, we used an odd unique indicator to predict where share price would be by early January.

We said the “shadow market” was showing a big move was on the way… and we were right.

We nailed it. And readers made a ton of money. For more details on the strategy, click here.

But there’s always a naysayer.

If you don’t know or cannot tell the difference between a $200 bottle of brunello and an $18 bottle of pinot (Yuk) noir, you don’t know wine. – Reader G.B.

Hmmmph… We feel like we should be offended.

The reader is referring to our recently published guide to fine wine. You can read it here.

He says our research that shows most folks can’t tell the difference between good and great wine is bunk.

We say prove it.

Send us a bottle of the good stuff… and we’ll gladly report our findings.

Better yet, send two bottles.

We’ll invite our closest Connections to join us.

It’ll be good for us.

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