Daring to Be Happier, Healthier and More Successful

Some days seem destined for crying.

And, oh so often, those days shape who we are.

Our day came decades ago, during a hot afternoon in the late summer.

We were just 9 years old.

School was lonely that day. Our best friend and next-door neighbor didn’t show up.

We didn’t know who to talk to… who to sit with at lunch… or who to toss a ball with at recess.

It was no fun, but certainly not something worth crying about.

That came later that day… as we walked home and saw a note on our front door.

“Sorry, Andy,” it read in the sketchy handwriting of a third grader. “We moved today. I’ll miss you.”

We don’t recall if we knew any four-letter words at the time, but it would have been a great time to mutter one.

We cried.

It’s those days that shape us – the tough days.

With that memory as fresh in our mind today as it was so long ago, it’s no surprise we now spend our days writing about the importance of our Connections.

Without good ones, life is tough…

Tougher than it should be.

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One by One

Doing what we do, we see a lot of interesting facts on the subject of friendship and its archrival, loneliness.

When folks have research they want us to see, they send it our way.

That’s the case with a new study that’s out.

It reveals that the average American hasn’t made a new friend in more than five years.

That’s scary… especially when we toss in the idea from our pals at Harvard that tells us a lack of strong Connections in our life increases the risk of premature death by 50%.

Loneliness is the equivalent of – get this – smoking nearly a pack of cigarettes each day.

But it’s that dearth of new Connections that has us so worried.

If we’re not making friends, we’re not replacing the ones who leave us.

As we mourn the notes on our front door… as we wrap our fingers around the cold handles of the casket… as we wave the moving truck goodbye, our most important assets head out of our life.

And most folks, we now know, aren’t replacing them.

It’s trouble.

It spells the demise of our happiness and our health.

Making It Better

We’re tempted to take the time to tell readers the very best ways to make new friends. But what good would it do? We all know the game.

There’s nothing new.

Call more often… find a hobby… join a club… don’t be a jerk.

We don’t get out of bed before the rooster’s crowing just to do what others have done.

Just the opposite.

We get up early… we break a sweat… and we dare ourselves to do what others won’t do.

In other words, we’re serious about this stuff.

That’s why we’re putting our money and mouth in the same beautiful spot.

We’re headed to Maine.

And we’re inviting 20 of the most dedicated Manward readers to join us.

Our goal is simple.

We’ll bring like-minded folks together to build Connections that will transform lives.

We’ll create friendships that’ll boost happiness, increase our odds of business and personal success, and, if the research is to be believed, help us live longer.

But here’s the thing.

It’s important.

We’re not doing this to make money.

In fact, we’ll likely lose money. We’re asking the folks who join us to cover only their costs… with no profit to us.

This is about being serious with our mission to spread the Triad as far and wide as we can. It’s about building powerful Connections.

Many of the 20 spots are already taken. But there’s still room left.

If you’re interested, consider this your personal invite.

All the details are at this link.

If you’re looking to be happier, healthier… and have a few more trusted folks to call when the day is tough, please give this opportunity serious consideration.

You’ll be a better person for it.

Click here now.

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