Mailbag: Putting Our Money Where Our Minds Are

We sure do have fun writing these essays each morning.

The Triad is important to us. We’re convinced a heaping dose of Liberty, Know-How and Connections can change lives and make us all healthier and wealthier.

What we enjoy most is the feedback from readers.

It’s not the praise we relish, though. And we don’t pick up our pen just to torment the folks who hate the bright light we’re shining on the truth.

No. What makes us smile are the folks who agree with us… kind of.

We hear it a lot – nearly every day.

“Andy,” the reader will say, “I like what you wrote today and agree with most of it.”

That’s great. Poifect, as we tend to say.

It’s proof that our work is successful. We’re not creating a flock of sheep that blindly goes wherever it’s pointed. No way. Our readers think for themselves. And when they disagree with something, they’re smart enough to scratch their heads and figure out why.

It’s the beautiful junction between Liberty and Know-How… where we’re free to think for ourselves.


This week, it was our thoughts on the brewing tension between the NBA and its billion-dollar master, China.

Readers agreed with our take… mostly.

I am not a subscriber to your Manward service, but I do read your daily musings.

I largely agree with your perspectives, often, however, with an occasional “however.” The matter of China is one of them.

You correctly identify LeBron James’ reason(s) for what he said pertaining to China, the NBA, his image and his bank.

However, you’ve told only part of the story, sort of like the tail wagging the dog.

What you’ve failed to mention is how he’s doing nothing different from what soooo many greedy merchants have been doing since former President Nixon and his entourage opened up China to exploit the 1 billion potential customers to U.S. products.

It explains why so many jobs have been offshored, why companies willingly giving up proprietary trade secrets and the like for the sake of another buck. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do in the name of liberty. I’m just saying there’s more to the James story than you presented.

And that many a business person and corporation has fallen into the same trap, and as a result the U.S. finds itself on this slippery slope of negotiations with a nearly equal superpower that greed for a buck has created and now we find ourselves at the mercy of a villain we’ve largely created. – Reader M.B.

Thanks, M.B. You’re not wrong.

Beijing is smart. It knows that money triumphs over all… even our sense of decency and what’s right.

It knows that Joe Sixpack is willing to overlook the communism, the lack of freedom, the reeducation camps and the horrific work environment… if it means his local dollar store remains well stocked.

He’ll overlook the pain that’s a world away, if it means a few extra bucks in his pocket.

LeBron James and his pals in the NBA fell to the same temptation. But, for them, it’s not just a few bucks. It’s a billion bucks.

Remember what we said last week

“If all we want is money, we’ll surely lose our freedom. We’ll be enslaved to a system that amply rewards us for selling our Liberty.”

Until more folks understand that idea… China’s power will continue to grow.

It’s the broker of a very bad trade.

This reader gets it…

We should tell China’s Communist Party we’re not interested in doing business of any type with them; I don’t care how big their market is or how cheaply made their stuff is. It’s just not worth it – kowtowing and doing business with such a repressive and thieving regime. Sooner or later it’ll destroy us. – Reader S.P.

Ah… that sort of thinking will change the world. If folks put their money where their minds are, we’d be wandering through a different world.

We reckon we’d have a whole lot less to write about early in the morning.

But it’s best we move on before we get ourselves in trouble.

What’d You Call Me?

Remember our little incident with the calf last week? And remember how most folks agree with most of what we say?

Well, if not, here’s proof…

Liked your article – having grown up with livestock, can truly relate to “animal emergencies” at night. However, a cow is a female that has had offspring – you identified properly at the beginning “calf.” You should have kept that terminology the entire way and not called a “calf” a “cow.”

Love your articles and keep up the good work – wish more in the world would think like you, it would be a much better place! – Reader Dr. B.D.

Thanks for the kind words, doc. We appreciate them.

As for our vernacular, we can’t argue with the words. He’s right. But we can stick our tongue out and say “phooey.”

The next time a bovine of any sort knocks on our front door, we’ll call B.D. and he can stuff it in the back of his truck.

Or we’ll just call it dinner.

We jest.

Again, we must move on before we get in trouble.

Man vs. Nature

Joel Salatin has been a fantastic addition to our team. His weekly musings are quite popular.

We are proud to publish such well-honed thoughts.

As a self-described “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer,” Joel is the best of the best when it comes to pointing out the flaws in the way the government does business.

Readers love him.

And if we had to pick just one letter from the mailbag that sums up their opinion, it’d be this one.

Galatians 3:18 makes the point that in our imperfect world it is impossible to make laws that cover every possible situation. Unfortunately, we humans don’t seem to understand that. – Reader D.F.

Yep. And if they did, again, we’d be able to sleep in a bit more often.

But humans will be humans, and we’ll always have plenty to write about… so that, as this final reader question proves, is what we’ll do.

Can you tell me the differences between Manward Digest, Manward Letter, Manward Trader, Liberty Indicator, Codebreaker, etc.? – Reader J.L.

Good question. Our stable has certainly grown, hasn’t it?

It all started with Manward Digest. That’s this column. We give it away for free each morning (some say we do it to prove that you get what you pay for).

Manward Letter is our monthly print newsletter. It’s a dozen pages of our latest research, stock picks, health insights… anything related to the Triad. It’s penned by yours truly, with guest essays from doctors and financial industry insiders. It costs just a few bucks each month.

Manward Trader is the home of the Liberty Indicator. It’s a premium momentum-based investment research service that offers white-glove financial insight for short-term traders.

Codebreaker Profits is similar… but it takes advantage of the market’s volatility – a good tool to have in the box these days. It offers subscribers at least one new recommendation each week.

You can learn more about all of them on our site.

Keep the questions and comments coming. Email us at

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