A Devastating Report on Man’s Purpose

Here’s a line that made us sweat…

“We find particularly high levels of misery among prime aged males out of the labor force.”

That’s the scary conclusion of a fresh report out of the Brookings Institution.

If it makes you squirm, it should. It tells a devastating tale.

The facts are undeniable. Mortality in America is going up.

That’s right. We’re the strongest, smartest and most stable nation on the planet… and the age at which we die is falling.

It’s not because of poor healthcare… or a lack of access to it.

No. It’s due to what researchers are now calling “deaths of despair” – suicide, overdose… all the headline-makers we hear about so often these days.

If we dare to open our eyes and look around, it makes perfect sense.

It proves that this country has a race problem, but it’s not what you think.

It proves that we have a political problem, but it’s not what the impeachment talk would have you believe.

And it proves that our educational system is flat-out broken, but we’re too dumb to fix it.

If you agree… please pay attention.

There’s a solution.

Why Trump Won… and Will Again

Please excuse us for doing something we rarely do. To truly understand what’s happening, though, we must step into the slimy world of politics.

We’ll make it quick… We promise.

It’s not a shocking revelation to say that Trump’s election angered a large swath of voters. Women blamed misogyny. Minorities blamed racism. And immigrants blamed xenophobia.

They are all wrong – yet more victims of nearsighted logic.

Breakthrough research from the Brookings Institution blames something entirely different…

Desperate white men.



White, working-age men in this country are desperate and depressed. And it’s the sad road that got them there that led them to vote the way they did.

Get this…

Nearly 20% of prime-aged American males are out of the labor force these days. Most of them, as you’d expect, don’t have college educations.

That means they rely on manufacturing jobs, mining and the construction industry for their livelihood. These are all careers that have been decimated by the changing American economy… and the death, we dare to say, of the American Dream.

For generations, optimism was a central theme in the American culture.

We saw it best in the communities of minorities, where life was hard and unfair… but showed promise and prosperity for those who used their community to break through the struggle.

Today, that’s largely still the case.

When it comes to feelings of despair, it’s not minorities who face growing levels of pain. It’s whites.

They’re losing their jobs. Losing their upward mobility. And, this is key, they are losing their coveted social status.

What’s the Purpose?

From the report…

When we look across race on purpose, community, financial, and social well-being, we again find that blacks and Hispanics typically score higher than whites. The gap is again biggest for those who are in inferior labor market status – the out of labor force (OLF) and the unemployed – compared to the full-time employed.

Black OLF males score much higher across the board on the indicators in the purpose index than do white OLF males. On community, like full-time employed blacks, black OLF males score lower on safety and security, but higher on the indicators that assess their desire to make their community better and the extent to which they get recognition for doing so. These findings highlight the remarkable levels of resilience among blacks living in precarious circumstances compared to their white counterparts.

Perhaps then it wasn’t racism that led to poor, white folks voting for Trump, as so many are keen to point out. Perhaps it was merely a desperate race voting for a last hope of success.

Trump, after all, promised to do something quite important. He promised to bring back their jobs.

That’s the thing that is so conveniently overlooked. It’s something we’ve mused about often.

It’s man’s sense of purpose.

Without it… he’s miserable.

Back to the report…

Time-use surveys show that leisure time and video games account for 20-45% of the decline in working hours for men OLF, while women are more likely to be involved in care-giving activities. The lack of purposeful activity of these men, meanwhile, shows up in very low levels of reported well-being and in objective health.

Read that last line again. It’s absolutely huge.

The “lack of purposeful activity” in men who are newly out of the workforce is highly detrimental to their health.

The report goes on to show that other minority groups – even during times with higher levels of unemployment – don’t have this misery factor because they’ve found a sense of purpose in other places… like community and family.

This new report will be printed and permanently stored at Manward headquarters.

It perfectly sums up what we’re doing and why. It’s the perfect proof that the Triad works.

It’s only when we focus on maximizing our Liberty, Know-How and Connections that we can feel and be at our best.

Wonder why Trump is so successful? See above.

Wonder why men seem to be in so much pain these days? See above.

And wonder why it seems like it’s getting worse? See above.

If one leg of the Triad fails, we suffer.

White men today are losing their traditional roles. And they’re not making it up with new Connections or fresh Know-How.

They’re more miserable than ever… and it’s killing them.

The solution is simple.

Master the Triad.