Mailbag: Putting Profit Ahead of the Truth

How is it that the very folks who we elect to protect us are the folks we worry about the most?

These days, political risk is at its highest.

Border walls… Brexit… tariffs… and now our food.

We’ve hit on the topic a lot over the last few months. Our new book focuses tightly on the lies and myths surrounding our food.

Its release has been huge.

Folks are stunned to find out just how deep the problem goes.

Take, for instance, an exposé of the dairy industry released earlier this month. It details how the nation’s milk manufacturers convinced Washington to lower health standards for school lunches. Now your tax dollars are being used to increase the prevalence of milk in cafeterias nationwide.

In other words, dairy sales are plunging… so Big Food lobbied its pals in office to pour more milk down our kids’ throats.

Next to prison inmates, they’ve targeted the nation’s largest captive audience.

By some estimates, American schools account for some 8% of milk sales.

If the folks at Big Food continue to get their way… that number will soon rise. The health of our kids be damned.

For the folks who will surely write us wanting names, here are the biggest sponsors of the group wining and dining your local congressman: Domino’s Pizza, General Mills, PepsiCo, Kellogg’s and, of course, Land O’Lakes.

Speaking of names, there’s an interesting one right at the top of the mailbag.

Shall we dive into it?

Censorship in 2019

You and your readers may be interested to know that a certain cardiologist named Dr. Haider Warraich suggested in an NYT op-ed that the digital cabal should shut down alternative healthcare sites that speak out against vaccines and drugs, in particular, statins, since he uses them in his practice. The thought police are out in full force. Reader H.O.

We did some research on Dr. Warraich. After all, we must know before we speak.

He’s not a bad guy. And we’re sure he’s very smart. But he’s a shining example of what’s gone wrong with our nation’s healthcare system.

In fact, it’s clear he believes it should be a “system” that protects us – a big, unwieldy system.

In one recent editorial, for example, he penned about how medical devices need more testing and more trials before getting to market.

He cites fair examples of where lax testing has hurt patients.

But his logic falls short… deadly short.

With the approval process for even the simplest of devices already running close to $100 million, he fails to realize an increased regulatory burden (if it’s even possible) will kill far more patients due to a lack of innovation.

Like so many folks who have sunk into the swamp, he believes Washington can outsmart Mr. Market.

It’s the same idea in the editorial H.O. mentions above.

But this time, it’s even more dangerous. Warraich tells us that the folks inside the system (like him, of course) should be the only ones spreading medical information. There’s no room for alternative opinions or healthy pushback.

He says it’s time for the Googles and Facebooks of the world to censor unapproved voices.

That’s dangerous. It’s dumb. And it’s exactly why healthcare in America is such a mess.

We need more voices.

In fact… we’re providing them.

Andy – Really enjoyed the piece from Dr. Jain. I get what he’s saying. I’m a busy guy who should pay a lot more attention to the “ROI” of my daily activities. Nice reminder. I also loved your Franklin series. Keep up the good work. – Reader A.M.

Thanks, A.M. We’ve really enjoyed working with Dr. Jain so far. He gets it. With an MBA and strong investing experience on top of his medical career, he understands that it’s not the government that will save us. It’s Mr. Market.

His incredibly smart ideas about using ROI to live a good (click here for his essay), healthy life prove it.

We’ll feature another essay from Dr. Jain tomorrow.

Is That a Compliment?

You are an interesting character. Your little CNN dig shows your true stripes. I notice whenever you mention the divided country, you end up with a barb that can only be directed toward the Democrats. You fan the flame, sir, disguised with intellect. I am not a Democrat, and you are likely a libertarian, but really it takes two to tango. Fox News is hardly unbiased either, but I don’t think I’ve seen you throw them out there. How about the recent blurb from them about Pelosi partying in PR, which was wrong and retracted in tiny print. I signed on originally because I enjoyed your stock tips and wilderness stuff, but your political stuff… naw. Reader J.T.

Oh wow… “disguised with intellect.” That may be our greatest compliment yet. Nobody except maybe our old dog has ever associated us with anything intellectual. Thanks!

But we get it. We’ve taken a few easy shots at those we disagree with. But we certainly haven’t taken it easy on Fox and its friends.

In fact, we’ve said many times just to turn off the TV and ignore it all. In fact, perhaps negating any traces of our perceived intellect, we told folks to grab their TVs, go outside and smash them.

They’re all guilty. They’re all liars. Every Big News channel puts profit ahead of the truth.

Ignore ‘em.

And just because J.T. likes our tales of our old life living in the wilderness…

Whatcha Wearin’?

Maybe I missed it, but did you publish a description of the wool vest you like to use/wear. Yesterday, when it was minus 10 degrees here in Maine, I dug up your email containing the fishnet long underwear, but I could not find a description of your wool vest. I just might try the fishnet since I like to snowshoe and may even start cross-county skiing – but the wool vest might be more practical for my everyday wear.

I have seen a few from Scotland, but if possible I would like to see what you use/wear so I can make an informed decision before I buy. Reader D.S.

We’re amazed at how often folks ask about our wool vest. As we said here, wool is the ultimate survival material.

Our favorite wool vest is made by Filson… a world-class company out of Seattle. We’re wearing it here. Be warned, it’s not cheap. But it’s worth it.

For something you wouldn’t be afraid to work in, we turn to our favorite “shirt jac” from Woolrich.

It’s a classic. As far as features, it falls in line with its owner… It’s pretty darn plain.

It has just a couple of buttoned pockets on the chest (where we often find the things we lost last week) and a couple of hand-warming pockets near the waist. You can get one for less than $100.

It will keep you warm… especially if you decide to take your TV outside and smash it.


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