Celebrating the Good Men in Our Lives

We’re celebrating. It’s a bit of an anniversary.

Three years ago, we set out to answer a very big question. We put pen to paper and began to ponder what it is that makes a man… a good man.

We quickly ran into some controversy.

What about women? folks asked. Why can’t women be measured by the same metrics?

Our answer has remained the same. They can… perhaps.

We don’t know. We’ve never been a woman.

And just as we don’t want to take business advice from somebody who’s never been in business, none of us wants a man telling a woman how to be good.

Who knows… everything we write and do could be useful for women… but we aren’t the judge of that.

Man vs. Man

There is one thing we know for certain. There’s a gaping hole between the stereotypical “man” and a good man.

We’ve taken a lot of heat for saying things like a man should know how to provide… that he should know how to survive… and that he should know how to use his brain.

It sounds like straightforward common sense. Then again, common sense seems to be in short supply these days.

That’s exactly why we took on the project – because the simple, time-tested ideas that so many of us believe in are under fire these days.

Culture Wars

We say the crux of the problem is the mainstream press. If it’s to get our attention these days, the media needs an enemy.

It’s picked men as just one of its latest victims…

And made a mint by showboating the worst of the lot.

In fact, late last year, the Huffington Post published its list of the worst men of the year. It’s a headline you’ve got to see to believe…

Non_Exhaustive List of the Worst Men of 2018
Of course, we couldn’t find the reciprocal list. There’s no word on who the worst women of the year were… nor a “non-exhaustive” list of the best men.

The list went after Donald Trump, of course. It took a swing at Brett Kavanaugh, too.

But there’s no mention of Al Franken.

It makes us wonder if it’s a man’s politics that can get him on this list.

And Matt Lauer made the list. So did Charlie Rose.

When the media needs an enemy to chew on for a few weeks… there’s no better morsel to bite down on than one of its own.

Sex Sells

But here’s the thing.

It’s what should have us all a bit concerned.

We scratch our head and wonder why all the men on the list are there for their sexual crimes. Is mindless murder not a heinous enough crime these days? Is petty theft now a victimless crime? Why no mention of cop killers or baby beaters?

The answers are obvious.

It’s not fixing the lot of mankind that the media is after. It’s merely after a ratings pop… and creating an enemy that looks like the man next door is a great way to get it.

But, chances are, the man next door is a good man. In fact, we bet he’s a man who’s yearning to get even better.

He doesn’t rape. He doesn’t steal. And he’ll never murder.

But you won’t see him on the screen.

We have a good friend who’s saved multiple lives. He rides helicopters into hurricanes and plucks folks off of their roofs. He’s heard bullets zing over his head.

The news can’t even spell his name right.

It’s silly.

But it’s like all plagues. If we can recognize it, we can fight it.

What we’re doing won’t solve the world’s problems.

But we’re convinced that we can make it a better place. Who knows… we may even help some women, too.

As we celebrate a bit of an anniversary, we ask you for a bit of a favor.

It’s easy.

Spend two minutes thinking about the good men in your life. Celebrate them by contemplating the traits they have in common, how they’ve affected your life and how you could benefit by being more like them.

That’s all we ask.

If you need a bit of help, keep our Triad in mind. Time and time again we see that it’s the folks who cherish their Liberty, Know-How and Connections who are the happiest, healthiest and wealthiest.

It’s why we do what we do.

Note: You may have received a note this week from Manward’s associate publisher. He was reaching out to hear how Manward is affecting subscribers’ lives. The responses have been incredible to say the least.

One reader wrote, “I enjoy reading Andy’s letters every day, and I wish it was required reading now for EVERYONE!” Another said, “Manward is one of the few emails I look forward to each day.”

Thank you all for the kind words. We couldn’t be happier that our passion project is touching so many. If you’d like to share how Manward has impacted you and your life, please send a note to mailbag@manwardpress.com.

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