Answers to Manward Subscribers’ Most Frequently Asked Questions

It was proven long ago…

The very best way to get rich… to get smarter… and to get healthier is to learn from the lessons and words of others.

Our Liberty and our Know-How are nothing without our Connections.

When we peek in our mailbag each morning, we find it brimming with thoughtful comments and questions from subscribers. It proves we have the most engaged readers around.

Not all agree with our spin on things… but nearly every response we get contains a well-informed idea.

It proves that our experiences form our thoughts.

With that in mind, we turn to our mailbag. We share comments from readers… answer some questions… and even scratch our head a time or two.

We’ll start with a question that we like a lot. It keeps us accountable.

Love your comments on the dangerous pitfalls of social media (and agree wholeheartedly). But have to ask… If you’re so anti-Facebook, why is there a Manward Facebook page? – J.O.

Ah yes, we’re touching on one of man’s greatest debates… with so much black and white, where do we accept shades of gray?

Where do we draw the line?

Questions like these led us to Prohibition. They led us to a war on drugs. And they’ve kept countless shrinks, counselors and pastors fully employed.

We know alcohol is a dangerous drug… and yet we cherish a good drink.

We know smoking will kill us… but the robust aroma of a fresh cigar lingers in our workshop.

And we blast the ills of social media… yet we’ll log in and spread our views (you can see them here).

Are we hypocrites?

Nah. We say the secret to a good life is moderation.

I thank you for exposing the radiation problem with cellphones. I hope that you will become interested in the fluoridation problem. It’s being crammed down our throats in the drinking water all over the U.S. without the populace even knowing or caring when or why it happened. The thoughtless brains of the general public (please excuse my anger) think: “Well if the government is allowing it, it won’t hurt us”… Please, please consider taking this mountain and conquering it. – H.C.

Ah… another day, another mountain.

H.C. is referring to our recent presentation on the hidden dangers posed by cellphones. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching it here. (Just be warned: Once you hear the facts, you’ll never look at your cellphone the same way again.)

No doubt, the fluoridation debate has echoes of the cellphone story. It’s another case of Big Government allowing political interests to determine what’s right for our health.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours studying the nasty effects of what’s being added to our water – both intentionally and as a byproduct of modern living.

What we found isn’t good…

There’s growing evidence that much of America’s drinking water is polluted. It’s laced with traces of industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals that are slowly attacking our bodies.

Scientists are even suggesting this could be why testosterone levels have plunged 22% in recent decades.

And the problem goes far beyond our drinking water. One of the leading dangers – a type of chemical called xenoestrogen – can be found in the food we eat… in our cars… in our bedrooms… and even leaching out of cash register receipts.

When men are exposed to these chemicals, it can lead to an overgrown prostate, inflammation and, ultimately, prostate cancer. (To minimize your exposure, we recommend avoiding plastic as much as possible. It’s especially important to avoid eating out of a plastic container.)

You can bet we’ll be covering this topic – and concerns surrounding fluoridation specifically – in an upcoming issue. Stay tuned.

Now let’s end on a positive note

Andy, you write often of fishing in Alaska. I’m always looking for a fishing partner. Where do you fish these days? – R.S.

A perfectly timed question. We recently returned from our latest expedition to the 49th state. We spent seven days aboard a historic boat our family recently purchased.

But when we’re not traveling, most of our fishing is done in central Pennsylvania’s iconic trout streams. Our cabin just happens to be within a long cast of the famed Spring Creek.

Keep the comments and questions coming. You can email us at

P.S. Lately it seems like cancer is a mere byproduct of modern life. Every day, billions of people expose themselves – willingly – to harmful radiation. Click here to see if you’re at increased risk of cancer and a whole host of nasty diseases.

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